Sustainable Development Fund Committee

28/06/2017 @ 10:00 - National Park Offices


1. To elect a Chair for the ensuing year.

2. To elect a Deputy Chair for the ensuing year

3. To receive apologies for absence

4. To receive any disclosure of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business

5. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the SDF Committee held on the 25th January 2017

6. To consider the report of the SDF Administrator

7. To consider the applications on the following pages:

SDF 0368 – Marine Renewable Supply Chain Project
 The Marine Renewable Supply Chain Development (MRESCD) project will assess the supply chain capabilities of Pembrokeshire companies with the potential to diversify into the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry. It will also provide stakeholder engagement and ‘Meet the Buyer’ opportunities for these companies with the aim of helping them to diversify into a new and lucrative market. The initial scoping and opportunity assessment will not only give a baseline understanding of the local MRE supply chain by identifying those companies already working in the sector and those with a strong potential to diversify, but will also look at and assist in providing the type of support that companies need to penetrate the sector. Engagement with local supply chain companies will ensure that they not only understand the opportunities presented but also receive support to ensure that they are in a strong position to bid for and secure contracts. Ultimately, by providing the local supply chain a ‘gateway’ to develop in the emerging marine energy sector, this project seeks to help provide long term economic, societal and environmental sustainability.

SDF 0369 – Brynberian Community Centre
 The former Victorian school, which is community owned and functions as a Community Centre in the welsh speaking rural hamlet of Brynberain, requires refurbishment to provide a sustainable and fit– for-purpose social hub for the village and its surrounding area. Following community consultation and an energy assessment the following renovation work is planned:-
• Insulation of the building
• Installation of a ground source heat pump and photovoltaic panels
• New wheel-chair accessible entrance and toilet facilities
• Refurbishment of the kitchen
• Creation of a Heritage Centre
• Landscaping
Installing energy efficient technologies and insulation will not only reduce the Centre’s carbon footprint but also reduce its energy bills as well as making it more attractive to potential renters which will help to sustain the Centre financially. This is vital if the Centre is to continue to provide a much needed focus for Brynberian and its neighbouring communities. The present facilities and programme of activities will be expanded to include IT training skills (with computers and fast broadband), office and work space and the creation of a Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre will not only disseminate knowledge helping to preserve the Welsh language and culture in the immediate locality but also encourage visits to nearby important archaeological and historical sites e.g. Pentre Ifan Cromlech and sites such as Coed Tycanol important for flora and fauna.

SDF 0370 – Pembrokeshire POD Outdoors
 Pembrokeshire Frame is a social enterprise working to offer work practice, training and employment to people with any disability and/or people that are socially excluded and disadvantaged. Their aim is to create a village style outdoor setting to complement their new ‘Pembrokeshire Pod’, which will be a state of the art enterprise, community and well—being centre at their Merlins Bridge site in Haverfordwest. The outside space will be aesthetically pleasing, rich in biodiversity, include a small sensory garden (to aid relaxation), a memory garden (to aid those with dementia) and a solar car parking facility. Landscaping of the garden area will include planting native species, species that attract pollinating insects, reminiscence and sensory enhancing plants as well as including features such as bird boxes and ‘bug hotels’ to attract wildlife. There will be interesting paths/walkways to the buildings providing full accessibility for people with disabilities. Also bicycle stands and an information board close to the solar car park canopies and vehicle recharging unit will help to raise awareness of the sustainability methods adopted on the site. Beneficiaries will be able to contribute to the design and development of the outside space through participation in four half day art therapy consultation sessions. Appointment of a Volunteer Co-ordinator will ensure the effective management of a team of five garden volunteers to assist with delivery of the project and ongoing maintenance of the outdoor space, which aims to encourage people to go outside and in so doing improve their quality of life.

SDF 0371 – Coleg y Môr – Phase 2
 Sea Trust, based at the Ocean Lab in Goodwick, wish to build upon the success of their SDF funded phase 1 Coleg y Môr project and expand their outdoor educational ecotourism activities helping to further their aim to become financially sustainable. To date the Coleg y Môr project has successfully been raising awareness of environmental conservation and sustainability to both visitors and school groups. Phase 2 will however build upon this success by taking their activities outside the Ocean Lab including the upgraded Sea Môr Aquarium. This will be achieved by providing new regular outdoor wildlife based activities and courses to include:-
• Organising and trialling dolphin watching days aboard the Stena Line ferry
• Training volunteer wildlife guides
• Developing small boat trips combined with surveys of cetaceans and surveys for indicators of climate change
• Collecting wildlife footage (including underwater footage) for publicity
Funding towards the Project Development Officer role is crucial for the further development of Coleg y Môr and to manage the expansion and diversification into ecotourism. This will help to deliver a more multi-faceted approach to the core conservation work that the Sea Trust is recognised for and is necessary to secure its long-term financial viability. The role involves managing the upgraded Sea Môr Aquarium, managing volunteers, managing internships, developing new scientific projects, fundraising, developing links with schools/colleges/universities and developing and trialling new courses and activities.