Sustainable Development Fund Committee

24/01/2018 @ 10:00 - National Park Offices

1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive any disclosure of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business

3. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the SDF Committee held on the 11th October 2017

4 To consider the report of the SDF Administrator

5. To consider the applications on the following pages:

SDF 0373 – South Pembrokeshire Woodland Services
 South Pembrokeshire Woodland Services will be an extension of an existing forestry business that will deliver low impact woodland and hedgerow management services in addition to providing wood-fuel and, where possible, saw grade timber to meet a growing local market. The aim is to bring currently unmanaged woodlands and hedgerows back into productivity, provide income for the landowner and set up a sustainable management regime for currently unmanaged woodlands and hedgerows thus securing habitat connectivity and biodiversity benefits. The proposed landowner agreement would include a biodiversity checklist recording baseline data and identifying practices to increase the diversity. Encouraging additional tree planting in awkward field corners that are difficult to access with modern machinery and allowing trees to grow taller, may also assist in reducing water run- off from farm land potentially improving water quality and reducing flood risk. Purchase of an eight wheeled low footprint timber forwarder will enable access to unmanaged woodland areas which are currently inaccessible due to either wet ground conditions or a lack of access tracks. The low footprint forwarder can extract timber without damaging the ground or requiring the creation of costly and environmentally damaging access tracks. In addition to providing additional income to the landowners and reducing the cost of hedgerow management, the project would also safeguard three jobs, provide work for sub-contractors and support jobs further down the supply chain processing the timber into firewood or sawn timber.

SDF 0375 – Power of Pembrokeshire
 The VC Gallery is a charity which uses art as a vehicle for engaging socially excluded members of the community. Their Power of Pembrokeshire project will build upon best practice determined from a pilot to create a platform of support and well-being for groups currently engaged with the VC Gallery and also, through an engagement programme, new groups. Groups will visit and learn about the local environment and culture and use their experience to influence their art. The aim would be to work with at least 100 socially excluded people in Pembrokeshire.VC Gallery staff would be trained by subject experts, which would then enable them to lead group visits to local sites chosen for their historic, cultural, biological or geological features. The visits would be followed by workshops to develop their art and each group participating would also create digital media/film or photographic outputs of their activities and an active social media feed highlighting the project and the achievements of its participants. At the end of the project there will be an exhibition show casing all the work.

SDF 0376 – Halen Dewi – Phase 2
 This phase 2 project will see the development and expansion of Halen Dewi, St Davids Sea Salt, from the test trading of phase 1 to an increased more sustainable production of sea salt. Halen Dewi uses sea water from Whitesands Bay in St Davids. Uniquely in Wales, it uses only the sun and wind to extract sea salt crystals from the sea water in a customised polytunnel. This differs from conventional sea salt production when the water is heated or boiled. The phase 2 project will include moving to a new site, purchasing new equipment, the design and commissioning of new bespoke branding and packaging, the development of a website and new marketing materials and reaching out to select retailers across the UK. Halen Dewi is striving to be a sustainable business based in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, selling product in the area’s shops. By expanding, the aim is to achieve economic growth that will in turn contribute to a more resilient vibrant local community.

SDF 0377 – Carotenoid feasibility study
 This project is a feasibility study into the extraction and characterisation of a compound, believed to be a carotenoid, from the muscle of the invasive slipper limpet. Mikota will collaborate with Cardiff University and Collagen Solutions plc to extract, purify and identify a compound found during a previous research project. The extracted compound will be identified and characterised and the cost of harvesting through to extraction and purification evaluated to determine any commercial potential. Carotenoids are known anti-oxidants that encourage collagen deposition and collagen synthesis, with anti-cancer, uv protective and immune system boosting properties. The characterisation of carotenoids from the slipper limpet would therefore identify additional product potential for those who wish to collect, process or remove the invasive species from Welsh waters, including those that harvest them as a by-catch. Mikota has already established a facility to stock and process slipper limpets in Pembroke Dock as part of their haemocyanin project. They are currently developing a harvesting and handling protocol for local divers and fishermen to use when they harvest slipper limpets as a by-catch but this project would provide additional employment opportunities as well as additional product development benefits. The Slipper Limpet has devastated local waterways, fish hatcheries and shellfish beds but with no commercial value proven to date they are not exploited and left unchecked. Removing slipper limpets and restocking oyster/scallop beds with native stock therefore also has the potential to benefit the local marine environment.

SDF 0378 – iSea Surfwear mobile shop and beach cleaning hub
 iSea Surfwear is a lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the coast with a strong eco-friendly ethos and high production values. All garments are handmade and screen-printed in Amroth, using ethically sourced materials. The product has limited packaging and a successful recycling scheme in place so people can return their old/damaged clothing in exchange for a discount on future purchases and the returned item is repaired, recycled and resold. iSea Surfwear has purchased a vehicle and this project aims to convert the vehicle into a mobile shop combined with a hub for community organised beach cleans. The idea combines the sustainable business interest with the owner’s passion and voluntary work experience organising beach cleans as a representative of Surfers Against Sewage. A mobile shop will ensure that the surfwear business and brand can reach more customers. It will also provide the flexibility to combine running the business with family life and the voluntary work associated with raising awareness of waste and environmental education linked to beach cleans. The vehicle sewing machines will be powered by solar pv and customers will be able to see their clothes being hand made. The vehicle will also contain all the kit for a beach clean and provide a point of contact for people to learn about plastic-free coastline initiatives. Overall the project will encourage interaction, promote community, incentivise beach cleaning, demonstrate sewing skills and promote handmade over mass-produced .