In Land/Sea Mike Perry focuses our attention on the growing environmental crisis at home.

This powerful exhibition of landscape photography challenges conventional ways of seeing our coastline and countryside, and opens our eyes to society’s broken relationship with the natural world. Perry’s work sparks conversation about how to restore healthy ecosystems and bring back a wilder landscape.

Online Gallery

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About the Artist

Mike Perry lives and works in Pembrokeshire, where he made many of the works in this show. His contemporary landscape photography reveals the conflict between human activities and the urgent need to tackle our environmental problems. Find out more on Mike Perry’s website.


Online Event Recordings

Mike Perry and Dr Bronwen Colquhoun ‘In Conversation’
Contemporary landscape photographer, Mike Perry joins Senior Curator of Photography at Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales, Bronwen Colquhoun in conversation discussing the themes, methods and motivation behind Mike’s work.

St. Monica’s Primary School Project

In the Autumn Term of 2021, Ffotogallery worked with the children of St. Monica’s Primary School in Cathays, Cardiff, to investigate the effects of pollution on our local beaches in South Wales. The St Monica Primary School project was inspired by artist Mike Perry’s work, his exhibition Land/Sea, and particularly Perry’s Môr Plastig body of work.

How can we make our landscapes wilder?

Share your response to Land/Sea and join in the conversation online.



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Help Restore Nature

There’s lots you can do to help restore nature, tackle climate change and clean up plastic pollution!


Volunteer with the National Park


Use Photography to Track Climate Change


Helping Landowners Make a Difference

  • Conserving the Park is a National Park Authority scheme that plays a niche role in working with local landowners to restore wildlife habitat with benefits for a variety of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, mammals and reptiles. For more information visit the Conserving the Park page.


Land/Sea is a Ffotogallery Touring Exhibition curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery, and Ben Borthwick