Regional Waste Plans

Local Development Plan 1

Pembrokeshire County Council is the waste collection authority for the county as a whole, including the National Park. The National Park Authority is the local planning authority for waste management development proposals within the National Park.

The overarching national waste strategy is outlined in Towards Zero Waste, the Welsh Government’s waste strategy.

A suite of Sector Plans support the national waste strategy; the most relevant for planning policy is the Collections Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan. This describes the waste management framework considered to provide the best solutions to meet environmental, social and economic needs to 2050.

National planning policy for waste management development is outlined in Planning Policy Wales (PPW) Chapter 12 Infrastructure and Services. It sets out the Welsh Government’s objective for waste, which is to ensure that appropriate facilities are established to prevent/reuse, prepare for reuse, recycle, recover and, where necessary, safely dispose of waste (PPW Edition 8, January 2016, paragraph 12.1.4).


Technical Advice Note 21: Waste (February, 2014) supports Planning Policy Wales and provides more detailed guidance for local planning authorities on waste management development both for Local Development Plan policy and when considering individual proposals.

The Authority is part of the South West Wales Regional Waste Planning Group, which meets biannually to monitor and discuss regional waste planning matters.

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