Covid-19 (Coronavirus) walking guidance

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has issued guidance to help people stay safe while out walking.

Provided you, or someone in your household, are not displaying symptoms of Covid 19, current Welsh Government advice is that it is safe for you to go outside for exercise, so long as you:

  • Plan ahead – All National Park Authority managed car parks are now open.
  • Keep to the path – Do not trespass onto private land; only use public footpaths and bridleways.
  • Practice social distancing and strict hand hygiene practices – Keep a minimum of two metres apart from other walkers and avoid using narrow paths.
  • Plan your walk – Try to avoid busy times of day when many other people may be walking, and if possible, don’t use the same route every day.
  • Respect residents and landowners – If a path runs close to a house or farm try and take a different walk. If this isn’t possible, please respect the residents’ space as they may be vulnerable and self-isolating.
  • Keep dogs on leads – Many fields are stocked with sheep and lambs.
  • Close gates – To prevent sheep and cattle escaping.
  • Be vigilant with hand washing and hygiene – Be aware that gates, stiles and other outdoor structures are touched regularly.

Enjoy you walk coronavirus advice poster