Standards Committee

21/08/2013 @ 10:00 - Newport Visitor Centre, Long Street, Newport


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive any disclosures of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business

3. To confirm the minutes of the meetings held on the 18th December 2012

4.  Ombudsman’s Annual Report 2012/13
To receive the Ombudsman’s Annual Report 2012/13 – a copy of this is available on the following link

5. Complaints Procedure
To consider introducing a time limit on complaints under the Authority’s Complaints procedure (Report 01/13)

6. Grant of Dispensations
To a consider a request for dispensations from two Members to speak and vote on matters relating to Pembrokeshire County Council (Report 02/13)

7. Voluntary Cap on Indemnities 
To consider a report informing the Committee of proposals made by the Minister for Local Government and Communities regarding a voluntary cap on indemnities provided to Members (Report 03/13)

8. Social Media
Members are asked to note draft guidance from the WLGA relating to social media for Members (Report 04/13)