Sustainable Development Fund Committee

29/01/2014 @ 10:00 - National Park Offices


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive any disclosure of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business

3. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the SDF Committee held on the 8th May 2013

4 To consider the report of the SDF Administrator

5. To consider the applications on the following pages:

SDF 0340 – Passive Window and Door Manufacturing Area
Thomas Joinery’s aim is to grow their business sustainably by increasing manufacturing capability, reducing energy consumption and associated costs and providing ongoing employment and training opportunities as well as continuing to manufacture and supply high quality sustainable products. To achieve this aim they need to update and improve their existing premises and processes by:-
Extending the workshop area, including the spray shop and providing timber and briquette stock storage capacity
Modernising the spray shop facility to increase volume and efficiency

Putting in place ‘greener’ energy solutions e.g. LED lighting
The business has designed a ‘Passive Window’ which has been certified by the German Passive Haus Institute. They are the only manufacturer in the UK of these high specification timber items. This project is essential to test the ‘Passive Windows and Doors’ for Secure by Design by TRADA (trade recognised organisation for product testing) and to meet new demands in addition to regular orders, whilst continuing to secure the employment and training of local people.

SDF 0341- Grub
Grub is a food experience with a difference, turning everything you think you know about food and sustainable eating on its head, whilst utilising and promoting the huge variety of fantastic resources available in Pembrokeshire. Grub introduces people to the world of entomophagy (eating insects) as well as other sustainable, less well-known sources of animal and vegetable protein. Grub is an innovative food experience which will educate, demonstrate and advise people on making more sustainable choices when it comes to feeding themselves and their families. Grub will be located on Dr Beynon's Bug Farm. It will operate as a completely separate business, but will be linked closely with the ethos and overall aim of: 'conservation through research, innovation and education'. Indeed a collaboration between Grub and the Bug Farm will see the breeding of a huge variety of edible insects on-site, for sale at the Bug Farm, and for use in dishes at Grub’s innovative, new, low-carbon restaurant.  Grub will deliver interactive cooking demonstrations and educational packages for school groups. It will also create a community hub to connect people that want to discover a more sustainable lifestyle from field to fork. Regular feast nights will double-up as workshops where locals and visitors to the area can enjoy food from Grub's restaurant. Guest speakers will deliver talks on the many aspects and skills behind sustainable living. Question and answer sessions will encourage people to share knowledge and information.

SDF 0342 – Theatr Gwaun/Newport Memorial Hall Collaboration Project Manager
The community venues of Newport Memorial Hall and Theatre Gwaun wish to trial a collaborative approach towards the management and development of both venues. By creating two new part time Collaborative Project Manager posts, over the next three years the project will build upon work already carried out to enhance and develop these facilities in a complementary way, whilst steering both venues towards grant independence. This new partnership will develop a dynamic complementary programme of events and new joint projects in a cost effective way, which boosts and adds value to existing programmes. By working with other organisations and ensuring community involvement, participation and outreach, this project will secure a central resource for activities, culture, art, social activity and local heritage, which are considered essential components for truly sustainable communities.