Sustainable Development Fund Committee

10/04/2019 @ 10:00 - National Park Offices


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive any disclosure of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business

3. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the SDF Committee held on the 24th January 2018

4 To consider the report of the Director of Planning as Sustainable Development Fund Officer.

5. To consider the applications on the following pages:

DF/2019/1  The Really Wild Centre
It will create an innovative, environmentally sensitive, educational visitor experience dedicated to helping visitors and residents appreciate our Pembrokeshire landscape and coastline, and how they can contribute to its sustainability for future generations.
The visitor experience will be based on providing a high quality, distinctly Welsh educational and multi-sensory experience for all. This will complement the development of the visitor centre to further enhance the economic opportunities and social economy across all of St Davids, whilst promoting a greater awareness of our natural environment in a sustainable and practical way.

 Family Explorers
Family Explorers is a project that builds on existing success through Learning Pembrokeshire and its Springboard project in their providing meaningful learning opportunities to support the skills development, well-being and progression of children and families across schools in the county. This ‘Family Explorers’ project will focus on those in receipt of Free School Meals, and will receive at least 25 hours of learning linked to the four challenges of the John Muir Award to deliver life changing experiences utilising the fantastic resources of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.