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A guide to calculating affordable housing



This page provides information and documents for calculating affordable housing requirements for new housing development schemes in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  On this page you will find templates for agreements, an interactive map of our housing sub-market areas, a copy of the Development Appraisal Toolkit that Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority use for calculating contributions, and a proforma for applicants for providing the information used to calculate contributions.

How to calculate affordable housing contributions

Single dwellings

If you are submitting an application for a single dwelling, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority will look for an affordable housing contribution in the form of a financial contribution at a rate of pounds per square metre gross internal area (this is the area from the internal wall surfaces).  To find out the rate of the affordable housing contribution applicable to your scheme please see our affordable housing sub-market area map and select the location of your development.

Wind-fall sites (2 or more dwellings)

If your site is for 2 or more units of housing and is not a site allocated in our Local Development Plan, PCNPA will seek an affordable housing contribution in the form of units.  Please see our housing sub-market areas map for a proportion of units expected as an affordable housing contribution within the area in which your site is located.

Local Development Plan site allocations

If your site was allocated in our Local Development Plan please see Appendix 5 of the Affordable Housing SPG for a revised percentage affordable housing provision.  Green cells indicate where the Authority considers a proposal would be viable.  The Authority anticipates that schemes can expect a contribution of 55% Acceptable Cost Guidelines from housing associations where properties are transferred across.



Requirements for the Affordable Housing Planning Process




Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

To encourage an open book approach to affordable housing negotiations we request that all planning applications or pre-application enquiries be submitted with a completed PCNPA Economic Viability Assessment (proforma).

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority use the Wales-wide Development Appraisal Toolkit (DAT) for the purposes of calculating affordable housing contributions.  This toolkit is a bespoke version for Wales and is based on the Andrew Golland Associates: 3D Toolkit, which is the industry model used in England.  Applicants can also submit an economic viability assessment of there scheme using this toolkit, a copy of the toolkit and other resources that help applicants to produce economic viability assessments can be found in the resources list below.




Unilateral Agreement

PCNPA has produced a unilateral agreement template for single dwellings, along with some guidance notes.

Help and enquiries

If you have any questions about the resources provided on this web page or if you are experiencing any technical issues please contact us.