Initial Consultation Report

Local Development Plan 2

The Deposit Local Development Plan Consultation closed Friday 1 June 2018.

The Authority has prepared an Draft Initial Consultation Report which gives further details of the Preferred Strategy Consultation process, summarises the main issues raised by the consultation, and provides summaries of representations together with the Authority’s response.

The Report summaries comments received on sites on the Candidate Site Register and new or amended sites received. The Authority’s response is also set out.

A detailed schedule of comments received and the Authority’s response can be found below:

Question 1 Preferred Strategy

Question 2 Candidate Site Register

Question 3 Sustainability Appraisal

Question 4 Equality Impact Assessment

Click the link to view an updated full assessment of the Deposit Plan Candidate Site Register

Click the link to view the Authority’s full assessment of New and Amended Sites.

Even though the Authority has recorded its own views on the alternative or amended sites if stakeholders have a view on these sites they must be submitted as part of the Deposit consultation. There is potential for this to change through the Examination and stakeholders need to express their views on the alternative sites now using the Deposit Plan Comments Form provided (Deposit Plan).

If you require these documents in an alternative format, ie easy read, large text, audio please contact / 01646 624800.

How can I get involved?

Please submit your comments on the Deposit Plan by the closing date set out at the top of this webpage.

Comments should be sent in writing to the Head of Park Direction, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 6DY or may be emailed to The Inspectorate has provided a standard Deposit Plan Comments Form to use.

What happens next?

All submissions will be acknowledged. The Authority may need to contact you to discuss your representation further. Please note that responses received will be considered by the Authority and a view reached by the Authority as to how the representations should be addressed through Examination. Respondents will be advised of the forthcoming examination hearing.

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