Changing Coasts

The landscape around us is changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

Nature plays its part with changing seasons, changing light and weather events. People, too, impact the landscape in many ways.

Help us record these changes by taking a photo from one of our fixed point photography posts and sharing it with us by emailing it to We will add it to all the other shared images and create a time-lapse film to show the changes.

What will the coast look like tonight? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? During a storm? After a storm?

The Changing Coasts map below shows the locations of the posts. Click on the camera icon to find out more about that location, past and present. Each one has been carefully chosen to help us record different kinds of changes such as:

  • Dune erosion
  • Cliff erosion
  • Changing vegetation
  • Changing sand levels
  • Changes to pebble banks
  • Changes to stream course
  • Flooding

Changing Coasts Map

View the Changing Coasts timelapse films on our YouTube channel

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