Carew Castle

Pembrokeshire: Land of Legends

Once a home to lords and ladies, princesses and warriors, Carew is now home to ghost stories and rare bats. Come and explore the Castle and Tidal Mill for yourself.​

Barbary Ape

A gruesome story of Sir Rowland Rees and his pet ape, Satan, who once lived at Carew Castle.

Princess Nest

The story of the life and loves of Princess Nest, one of the most beautiful women who ever lived in Wales.

Aerial photograph of Carew Castle and Tidal Mill

The Celtic Warrior

Long ago, when Celts lived at Carew, they left the fort to hunt in north Pembrokeshire, but one of them stayed behind to defend the fort from enemies…

The Princess and the Frog

The fairy tale classic, re-imagined in the grounds of Carew Castle.