Preparation Stages

Local Development Plan 2

These are the stages in preparing a replacement Local Development Plan. Any proposed change in policy will be subject to public consultation in compliance with national policy, guidance and regulation. Policies can be ultimately added, amended or deleted from the Plan by the appointed Inspector. The Authority will follow the advice provided by Planning Policy Wales when considering the status of the emerging replacement Plan.

Plan Stage Timescale
Review Report Consultation ended: 18/05/16
Delivery Agreement Consultation ended: 18/05/16
Candidate Sites Consultation ended: 25/11/16
Preferred Strategy Consultation ended: 21/07/17
Initial Consultation Report Consultation ended 1/6/18
Deposit Plan Consultation ended 1/6/18
Consultation Report
Focussed Changes Consultation ended 15/02/19
Submission Consultation ended 7/12/18
Examination Hearing sessions have now closed.
Matters Arising Changes Consultation ended 13/03/20