Inspector’s Report

Local Development Plan 2

Inspector’s Report

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires the Authority to monitor and review its Local Development Plan (LDP). Up-to-date LDPs are an essential part of the plan-led planning system under national policy set out by Welsh Government.

Following the preparation of a Review Report on the existing Adopted LDP, and approval of a Delivery Agreement with Welsh Government, the Authority commenced work on its First Replacement Local Development Plan.

Once adopted, the new LDP will replace the existing adopted LDP (which runs until 2021) and will be used to guide future growth and to help make planning decisions.

Publication of Inspector’s Report

On 13 May 2020 the Authority received the Inspector’s Report on the Examination into the Replacement Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan (LDP). The appointed Inspector found that subject to the recommended changes the Replacement LDP is sound.

The relevant documents are:

Covering Letter to the Inspector’s Report
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Replacement Local Development Plan Inspector’s Report – Eng
Inspector’s Report Appendix – Schedule of Matters Arising Changes (MACs)

The Inspector’s Report is binding on the Authority and the recommended changes will be incorporated into the Replacement LDP.

As required by the Local Development Plan Regulations 2005 (as amended), the Authority will make the necessary arrangements to adopt the Plan at the first available National Park Authority meeting (Regulation 25).

Reference copies of the Inspector’s Report can be viewed (when open to the public again) at either:

The National Park Authority Head Office, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 6DY. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, and on Fridays between 9am to 4.30pm.
Or at Oriel y Parc Visitors Centre, St Davids, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6NW, during normal opening hours.

If you require further information regarding the publication and adoption of the Replacement LDP or you have difficulty in viewing documentation electronically please e-mail or phone 01646 624800 and ask to speak to someone dealing with the Local Development Plan.