also known as Midland Isle

Middleholm is a small green-topped rocky islet between Skomer and the mainland. It can be seen from the Deer Park at the end of the Marloes peninsula, across the roaring waters of the formidable Jack Sound.

The island has been not been grazed since 1966 when the rabbits died from myxomatosis. Red fescue, sea beet, forests of tree mallow and other maritime grassland species are luxuriant.

Manx shearwaters and puffins breed in holes underground and small colonies of guillemots and razorbills breed on the steeper cliffs. About 30 pairs of shags breed on the shoulders of the island.

Look out for their holes and ledges, “whitewashed” with droppings. On top of the island great black-backed gulls breed in garrulous numbers. Canada geese and their goslings are recent incomers.


Where is Middleholm?

Middleholm Fact File

  • Owned by: National Trust. Landings not permitted
  • Park Area: West
  • Grid ref: SM747090.