Recreation Management

Why do you need to plan for recreation?

Worldwide research has shown that recreational enjoyment is essential to human health, key to human development, reduces anti-social behavior, builds families and communities, reduces the cost of health care, social services and policing and is a significant economic generator.

In the ‘Valuing our Environment 2006’ report recreation was identified as providing approximately a quarter of the total income in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Recreation also accounts for almost half of the area’s economic output.

To assist with the complex management and development of recreation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park a number of projects, partnerships and processes are being used.

These are described in the Recreation Toolkit for Destination Management for the Pembrokeshire Coast and could be replicated in other areas of Wales assisting a national drive to manage destinations in a way that encourages sustainable growth.

The National Park Authority’s Recreation Plan and the Wales Activity Mapping Project, are just some of the processes being used to encourage a sustainable approach to activities.

The approach to recreation management we use in the Park is often seen as an example of best practice on a national level. Our approach also fits within a wider National Destination Management Toolkit that looks at the sustainable development of tourism within Wales.