The St Davids Room displays paintings, prints and etchings by Pembrokeshire artists and craftsmen or those inspired by the area’s landscape.

To apply for an exhibition, please email us for further information.

Hawthorn - Ddraenen Wen by Maggie Brown

Friday 7 June – Sunday 4 August 2024

Hawthorn – Ddraenen Wen expresses Maggie’s lifelong connection with nature. Taking this iconic shape of the Pembrokeshire windswept tree, Maggie has chosen it to be central to her study.

Maggie will return over time to some of these local old hawthorn trees where she will continue to paint, draw, and record them through the different seasons, different weathers, acknowledging the wildlife that depends on them and exploring the wild, local places they inhabit. Maggie hopes her paintings can evoke a sense of being in the moment, allowing the viewer to share in her observation of nature and perhaps even help in its conservation.

Hawthorne by Maggie Brown

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