Climate Change and Children’s Rights

Whose Planet? Our Planet! Whose Future? Our Future

Taking action on Climate Change is a priority area for the Youth Committee, and it wants other young people to be more aware of its impacts and things people can do to help.

During lockdown in 2020 they heard about UNICEF’s Outright 2020 campaign focusing on the impact Climate Change has on Children’s Rights, and successfully sourced funding from Pembrokeshire Youth Bank to create an animated film which they worked on over the winter and into 2021.

Members of the Youth Committee showed the film to other young people and decision makers over COP26 and Wales Climate Week 2021.

Members of the Youth Committee are potentially available to be involved in a workshop using the video to raise awareness amongst other young people in school or other youth settings – email to discuss arranging such a workshop.

“The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Youth Committee knows Climate Change is happening now and that it is the next generations who are going to have to deal with its impacts.

“We got involved in the UNICEF 2020 Outright Campaign to help shed light on the effect climate change will have on Children’s Rights – a subject never mentioned in what we hear from World leaders – and so wanted to create a film to raise awareness.

“All children have a right to live in safety within a family environment, with access to clean water and a proper education. Climate change threatens these rights for children across the world. As the world warms and areas become hostile to life many children will become climate refugees and may be separated from their families.

“Not only this, but Climate Change will see a rise in child poverty and as a result many children will be forced to live a life no child should have to live. Even now, it is estimated that ‘environmental factors take the lives of 1.7 million children under 5 each year’ (UNICEF).

“Many children and young people in the UK do not have a clear idea of the effect Climate Change is having on our generation – we are keen to collaborate with local organisations to help instil an environmental passion in younger generations, giving children and young people the knowledge and skills they need to work towards living a more sustainable future.

“We believe it vital that all young people are taught about how every action has wider consequences. It is only by educating younger generations on the issues and supporting them to make better environmental and sustainable living choices that we will win the fight against Climate Change.

“Climate change will affect everyone – Change is needed NOW. Politicians and Corporations need to take responsibility for their action or inaction. This video hopes to help change that, even in a small way – This is OUR PLANET and OUR FUTURE!”