Youth Manifesto

A call for change

This manifesto sets out to be:

  • A source of inspiration and ideas, helping to ensure the empowerment, involvement and consideration of young people in the decision-making process.
  • Provide a clear and coordinated approach to engaging young people in rural communities.
  • Identify key issues that impact on young people, from depopulation to unemployment.
  • Understand that all young people have imagination, creativity and individuality, and these talents should be fostered to aid the development within PCNPA, for our successors to inherit our National Park.

The Manifesto was been inspired by work undertaken by groups of young people from across Europe, as part of a project to create a Protected Areas Youth Manifesto, which reflects the views and experiences of young people living in and around projected areas and identifies the priorities for the future. Read the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto (opens in new window).

  • The Pembrokeshire Next Generation Manifesto is a response to that document and attempts to reflect the views, and experiences, of young people living in and around Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.
  • It is intended to be a ‘Living document’, with regular reviews and further consultation with young people in our area helping to shape future versions of the manifesto.

National Park Purposes

  • To conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park (and Pembrokeshire)
  • To promote opportunities for public enjoyment and understanding of the special qualities of the National Parks
  • In pursuing these two purposes the Authority also has a duty to nurture the economic and social well-being of communities living within the Park.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Priorities

Climate – Destination Net Zero

We’re an Authority aiming for net zero and a carbon neutral National Park.

Connection – Natural Health Service

People are healthier, happier and more connected to nature and heritage.


Boosting biodiversity and halting its decline. Nature is flourishing.

Vibrant Communities

Places people can live, work and enjoy.

1. Youth Empowerment

Young people are the future of PCNP, and we CARE about looking after our landscapes for future generations, but we are under-represented and don’t have a voice in the decision-making process.

We want to connect with our community and have an impact on the decisions made for us! Young people should be treated as equals, all voices are important.

What can you do?

  • Create youth councils/forums to present young people’s needs and thoughts to decision makers.
  • Provide a safe space for young people to be heard.
  • Deliver schemes that enable adults and young people to work side by side.
  • Arrange funding for youth projects.
  • Deliver induction programs than enable board members to understand the important of youth representation.
  • Record important meetings and share with Youth Groups.

Communicating with young people

  • Provide opportunities for young people to share their achievements and encourage them to express their concerns and opinions to an older audience.
  • Use online platforms for consultations and surveys, leading to face-to-face sessions raising awareness on issues that connect with young people.


2. Living

Supporting young people within PCNP areas helps the communities to remain connected, and aids future development. It is often difficult to travel within PCNP. Young people need to
connect with the real, and virtual, worlds to succeed and thrive.  We cannot afford for young people to be pushed out of PCNP due to living costs.


  • Affordable transport needs to be provided throughout the year.
  • Flexible transport needs to be available, public transport times need to be realistic.
  • Transport routes need to be clear and concise = user friendly.
  • School bus passes should work for public transport.
  • Internet access should be boosted across the NP for sharing information.
  • Cycle routes need to be better connected and safer.
  • Provide safe accommodation to avoid rough sleeping and criminal action.


  • Introduce schemes to allow young people to purchase goods and services at an affordable rate to create an affordable existence in the area.
  • Support small local businesses to be more independent and connected within the community.
  • Limit the second home market, in order to give local people a better chance of success in the housing market.


  • Young people have a right to be part of the culture and history of the area.
  • Connect with young people and provide engagement and social opportunities.
  • Young people should be sharing what their sense of community is. Young people can share their understandings with older people to help each other.
  • Create safe, fun, spaces for people of all ages to connect.


3. Learning

We need to provide more self-sufficient, resilient and diverse communities across PCNP. We want to share, learn, sustain and care for our local culture and natural heritage. We need to invest in training for the FUTURE. PASS ON KNOWLEDGE AND INSPIRATION TO FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Aspire to inspire

  • Use of social platforms and programme of events within PCNPA.
  • Efficient use of social media to inspire awareness and encourage engagement.

Nature education

  • Create opportunities for young people, from an early age, to learn about their local landscape, heritage and culture.
  • Provide opportunities that empower the youth to be capable and confident in the outdoors – volunteering, Junior Ranger Programmes etc.
  • Create connections between schools and local protected areas, Rangers and Wardens.
  • Provide training for teaching staff to be more outdoor orientated.
  • Encourage school curriculums to include education on local farming, wildlife, NP and the environment.
  • Create links with Pembrokeshire Association of Secondary Heads.


  • Support parents/guardians to engage and take their families outdoors.
  • Provide more opportunities for skill development and confidence.
  • Create more young people led businesses by providing courses to learn about self-employment / owning a business.
  • Develop volunteering as a way to boost progress – work experience, young people volunteering, award schemes.


4. Working

We believe that developing the local economy and providing jobs, should not be at the expense of the natural environment. The need for environmentally friendly practices should not compromise local standard of life.

Youth employment should be flexible, creative, innovative and sustainable. All young people have creativity and talents which should be fostered to help us develop as entrepreneurs of our communities.

Job Opportunities

  • Young people want to work. Age does not create a barrier for wanting to work and give back to your local community.
  • Opportunities for young people to work should fit around education, not just seasonal vacancies.
  • Partnerships should be developed and cared for between schools and local businesses, to offer jobs and experiences to young people.
  • Jobs for young people should include progression and pay rises.

More Training

  • Provide youth schemed with training that is relevant and beneficial to them, providing support and encouragement.
  • Share knowledge and experiences with young people, to inspire them to work within their community.

Low Wages

  • Pay fair living wage, to counteract the cost of living in a rural environment.
  • Help with cost of living through transport subsidies, subsidized housing costs and funding for further training.
  • Consider living allowances/ grants for young people wanting stay in the area.


5. Our call to action

Let’s put our PCNPA Youth Manifesto into action and create a sustainable future for today!

  • Connect with your community youth, local schools and youth clubs. Encourage them to share their thoughts and inspire others.
  • Monitor and evaluate any progress, including young people in the process.
  • Apply for funding projects that engage with young people.
  • Put your project plans into real action.
  • Co-work to select the priority issues to address from the Manifesto. Start planning a joint project, including young people in the decisions.
  • Report and publicise your ideas, progress and results online and print materials.

Stay in touch with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Next Generation to share your experiences – learn and inspire! To find out more visit our Next Generation page or search #PemsbCoastNextGen on social media.

We look forward to working with you to create an exciting future for nature, rural areas and young people.