GCSE, A-Level and Welsh Baccalaureate

Our Schools Programme is open!

In line with Welsh Government advice to schools, educational visits are now allowed – subject to thorough risk assessments being in place.

GCSE Programme

GCSE Geography Fieldwork and can be delivered at suitable sites across the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Currently we are guiding Year 10 and 11 students through fieldwork enquiries in river basin and coastline environments and focusing on the concept of cycles and flows.

To link with WJEC GCSE Geography Fieldwork specification we are preparing suitable locations and itineraries.

Year of assessment Methodological approach Conceptual framework Fieldwork locations Fieldwork activities


Qualitative Surveys


Afon Syfynwy





Oriel y Parc Visitor Centre

  • Environmental quality survey
  • Biotic Index
  • Field sketching
  • GIS
  • Visitor surveys
  • Field sketching
  • Environmental quality survey
  • GIS
2020 Use of Transects Spheres of Influence


GCSE pupils measuring river channel and water flow in the Syfynwy River, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales, UK

A-Level Programme

Programmes which support learning in Geography and Biology are offered and can be delivered at suitable sites across the National Park.

Welsh Baccalaureate Programme

The Welsh Baccalaureate is a qualification for 14 to 19 year old students in Wales. It combines personal development skills with existing qualifications like A levels, NVQs and GCSEs to make one wider award that is valued by employers and universities.

The Welsh Baccalaureate gives broader experiences than traditional learning programmes. For more information visit the WJEC website.

Click the links below to download resources relating to the Welsh Baccalaureate:

Welsh Baccalaureate Key Stage 4 (National/Foundation)


Welsh Baccalaureate (Advanced)

Our Schools Programme is open!

For more details or to arrange your visit please email our Discovery Team or call 01646 624800.

Booking Costs

  • Half day: £2.50 per child
  • Full day: £4.50 per child.

Please Note

  • A minimum booking fee of £75 applies to school bookings.

Transport Costs

  • We have an agreement with some local coach companies regarding transport costs – please contact us for details.