Action Points

Local Development Plan 2

Action Point Deadline Link to response
HS1/AP1 – Inspector to review and approve the PPW 10 Review Document submitted by PCNPA. 26th July 2019 Agreed – Exam05
HS1/AP2 – PCNPA to amend all policies so that footnotes appear at the end of criterion/sentences (amended 23/07/19) 26th July 2019
HS1/AP3 – PCNPA to include a key diagram in the plan. 26th July 2019 Exam72
HS1/AP4 – PCNPA to provide the percentages of allocations which are on greenfield and PDL. 26th July 2019 Exam73
HS1/AP5 – PCNPA to insert a reference to the shoreline management plans websites in the footnote text of reasoned justification. 26th July 2019 Exam85
HS1/AP6 – PCNPA to expand the Spatial Strategy section to explain: the overarching strategy, its key components, how the key components of the strategy align with the WSP, and why it remains the most appropriate strategy for the National Park; and to consideration needs to be given to the need for a Growth Policy which explains the scale of, and context for new development in the NPA and a Spatial Strategy Policy which explains the distribution of development and settlement hierarchy. It is noted that the provision of a new Growth Policy may result in changes to Policy 8. 16th August 2019 Exam122
HS1/AP7 – PCNPA to re-define settlement hierarchy to make them more locally distinct. 16th August 2019 Exam74
HS1/AP8 – PCNPA to provide Mr Fry with a contact number WG regeneration team. 26th July 2019 Exam104
HS1/AP9 – PCNPA to amend Policy 2(c) by the insertion of ‘and’ after facilities and revised Policies 2(f), 3(e), 4(e), and 5(e), to read ‘ To deliver improved traffic ….’ 26th July 2019 Exam75
HS1/AP10 – PCNPA to produce a background paper which considers the need for a principal residence and / or local connections policy? 30th August 2019 Exam111 The NPA’s comments are noted and the submission will be discussed further at the Hearing Session on the 1st October.
HS1/AP11 – PCNPA to revise Policy 6, by the insertion of the first sentence of paragraph 4.46. 26th July 2019 Exam70 HS1/AP11
HS1/AP12 – PCNPA to simplify the requirements of Policy 7(d). 26th July 2019 Exam76
HS1/AP13. – PCNPA to provide indicative dates for the production of SPGs and expand the list to include an SPG in relation to the preparation of place plans. 26th July 2019 Exam99
HS2/AP1 – NPA to amend Policy 9 to make reference to artificial lighting and to clarify criterion (a). 26th July 2019 Exam88
HS2/AP2 – NPA to amend Policies 10 and 11 to make include the numbering of sub-sections 26th July 2019 Exam71 HS2/AP2
HS2/AP3 – NPA to amend the proposals map to include the local sites of nature conservation or geomorphic importance where formally designated. 26th July 2019 Exam78
HS2/AP4 – NPA to amend policies 12 and 13 to make reference to avoidance, mitigation and compensation. 26th July 2019 Exam86
HS2/AP5 – NPA to revise Policy 14 and reasoned justification to explain the circumstances in which the requirements of the policy would apply and the nature of the mitigation that would be required. 26th July 2019 Exam94
HS2/AP6 – NPA to update the Inspector on the process of producing a list of historic assets of local importance in the National Park. 26th July 2019 Exam105
HS2/AP7 – NPA to delete Policy 17 and replace it with separate Green Wedge and Public Open Space policies 26th July 2019 Exam112
HS2/AP8 – NPA to consider designating Rosemount Gardens, Allen’s View and the Cemetery in Tenby as open spaces. 26th July 2019 Updated Exam89
HS2/AP9 – NPA to amend Policies 18 and 19 to clarify unacceptable adverse effects. 26th July 2019 Exam77
HS3/AP1 – PCNPA to amend Policy 24 (g) to clarify what will be effected. 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Exam90
HS3/AP2 – PCNPA to amend the reasoned justification of Policies 25 (b) clarify what is meant by ‘closely related’. 26th July 2019 Exam91
HS3/AP3 – PCNPA to amend the reasoned justification for Policy 29 to explain in more detail the requirements of criteria (e) and (f). 26th July 2019 Exam79
HS4/AP1 – PCNPA to amend Policy 30 (e) to include reference to energy efficiency and the reasoned justification to explain the requirements of criteria (e) and (f). 26th July 2019 Exam100
HS4/AP2 – Mr Jessop to provide details of policies relating to energy efficiency, use and generation. 30th August 2019 Exam65 Marloes and St Brides response to HS4_AP2
HS4/AP3 – PCNPA to clarify the requirements of Policy 31 (a) and to revise the last sentence of para 4.166 to explain the requirements in land use terms. 26th July 2019 Exam101
HS4/AP4 – PCNPA to consider if Policy 34 should be a strategic policy and to revise the Policy to make reference to Renewable and Low Carbon Energy and include criteria which: explain the renewable energy technology (type and scale) that are appropriate in the National Park; outline requirements for mitigation / after care; and compensatory benefits. 30th August 2019 Exam118
HS4/AP5 – PCNPA to: provide the Inspector with additional information in respect of Policies 37 and 38 including the approximate number of properties which are within the defined coastal change management area and inside and outside defined centre boundaries and examples of similar policies operating in England / Wales; and to amend Policy 37 (a), (b), (e) and (f) and Policy 38 (a), (b), (c) and (c) to provide greater clarity about requirements. 30th August 2019 Exam95
HS4/AP6 – PCNPA to consider if Policy 35 is a strategic or area wide policy 26th July 2019 Exam96
HS5/AP1 –PCNPA to provide: details of employment related development over the last 5 years; and a copy of the Annual Pembrokeshire Employment land Availability Study (2017) 16th August 2019 Exam113
HS5/AP2 – PCNPA to add a list of employment sites to be protected to the appendix of the plan 16th August 2019 Exam114
HS5/AP3 – PCNPA to revisit the last paragraph of Policy 39 to clarify that mitigation may be acceptable. 26th July 2019 Exam92
HS5/AP4 – PCNPA to provide a copy of the Air B & B study in relation to self -catering accommodation 26th July 2019 Exam66
HS5/AP5 – PCNPA to amend para 4.231 to accord with the WG circular on conditions. 26th July 2019 Exam80
HS5/AP6 – PCNPA to amend Policy 40 to insert ‘where it can be demonstrated:’ and define ‘appeal’ 26th July 2019 Exam115
HS5/AP7 – PCNPA to amend Policy 42 to include reference to ‘…accommodation type’ and simplify criterion (a). 26th July 2019 Exam97
HS5/AP8 – PCNPA to amend Policy 43: by relocation ‘it can be demonstrated’ to the end of the first line of the policy; providing a definition of vicinity; and sub-dividing criterion (a) to create a new criterion dealing with scale and design. 26th July 2019 Exam81
HS5/AP9 – PCNPA to amend: Policy 54 to include the retail need figure; update para 4.311 to include update retail need figures for each centre; and centre specific text to Policy 55 16th August 2019 Exam98
HS5/AP10 – PCNPA to divide Policy 53 into separate community facilities and planning obligations policies 16th August 2019 Exam106
HS6/AP1 – PCNPA, in discussion with WG, to: amend Table 5–Components of Housing Land Supply, to reflect the 2019 JHLAS base date; and to provide an up to date housing trajectory which is to be included as a separate appendix in the Plan. 16th August 2019 Exam127
HS6/AP2 – PCNPA to provide an updated table showing large and small windfall site figures for the period 2009-19.  The resultant trend figures are to be shown as whole numbers. 16th August 2019 See Exam127
HS6/AP3 – PCNPA to provide: a list of large sites which have planning permission on 31st March 2019; to identify a timescale for the delivery of each site (e.g within 5 years or beyond 5 years); and to indicate which sites are not within the  Centre boundaries contained within LDP2. 16th August 2019 Exam123
HS6/AP4 – PCNPA to relocate Tables 7 and 8 to the appendix.  The scope of Table 7 is to be extended to include details of large sites which have planning permission at 31st March 2019 (and are in the 5 year supply).  The table will then need to be expanded to include details of: site references; immediate planning history; constrains; design and/or infrastructure requirements; Planning Obligations; and the timescale for delivery.  31st August 2019 Exam128 updated following Hearing Session 9
HS6/AP5 – PCNPA to provide a 5 year housing land supply figure which takes account of the provisions of LDP2 in the Trajectory. 16th August 2019 See Exam127
HS6/AP6 – PCNPA to amend the reasoned justification of Policy 47 to include an explanation of the flexibility allowance. 16th August 2019 Exam126
HS6/AP7 – PCNPA, in discussion with WG, to amend Policy 48 to: omit the allocated sites which have planning permission on the 31st March 2019; and include a reference to the requirements outlined in the revised appendix (formerly Table 7 and 8).  PCNPA are also to consider the appropriateness of including details of other large sites now with the benefit of planning permission at 31st March 2019 (and are in the 5 year supply) within Policy 48. 31st August 2019 See Exam128 updated following Hearing Session 9
HS6/AP8 – PCNPA, in discussion with WG, to: prepare an overarching policy for the management of housing delivery throughout the settlement hierarchy; and to make consequential amendments to Policies 2,3,4,5,6,7. 16th August 2019 Exam107
HS6/AP9 – PCNPA to keep the Inspector updated on the progress of application ref NP/19/0361/OUT and any applications for housing development on sites of 5 dwellings or more. On-going Exam116
HS7/AP1 – PCNPA to consider the implications of the letter from the Minister for Housing and Local Government dated 8th July 2019 for the replacement LDP and provide their comments to the Inspector. 31st August 2019 Exam117 The NPA’s comments are noted and the submission will be discussed further at the Hearing Session on the 1st October.
HS7/AP2 – PCNPA to amend Policy 49 to: include details of the % targets and thresholds for affordable housing; simplify the reference to securing Affordable housing from redundant buildings/uses and the sub-division of sites; delete reference to exception sites; and relocate the affordable housing target. 16th August 2019 Exam129
HS7/AP3 – PCNPA to amend the reasoned justification of Policy 49: to explain the scale and type of affordable housing need in the NPA; how it will be met over the Plan period; add a reference to the emerging Affordable Housing SPG; outline the mechanisms for the management of commuted sums; and provide a cross reference Policy 53. 16th August 2019 Exam108
HS7/AP4 – PCNPA to provide a new policy to address and manage the provision of exception site. The reasoned justification of the policy should include reference to delivery organisations including Community Land Trusts. 16th August 2019 Exam119
HS7/AP5 – PCNPA to provide details of how the affordable housing need will be met, through mechanisms other than the planning system, over the next 3 years. 26th July 2019 Exam102
HS7/AP6 – PCNPA to provide a table comparing the Affordable housing requirements in LDP1 (adopted Affordable SPG) and LDP2. 26th July 2019 Exam82
HS7/AP7 – PCNPA to update Table 6 in the light of revisions to Table 5 and provide an updated Affordable Housing Target. 16th August 2019 Exam120
HS7/AP8 – PCNPA to update Table 9 to include an additional post code 26th July 2019 Exam93
HS7/AP9 – PCNPA to add the Affordable housing zones to the proposals map 30th August 2019 Exam83
HS7/AP10 – PCNPA to sub-divide Policy 50 to create separate Housing Density and Housing Type and Mix policies. 16th August 2019 Exam109
HS7/AP11 – PCNPA, in discussion with the WG, to review the requirements of Policy 51(a) and either provide revised wording or delete the criteria. 26th July 2019 Exam103
HS7/AP12 – PCNPA to provide evidence to support the requirements of Policy 52. 30th August 2019 Exam124
HS7/AP13 – Mr Jessop to provide information in relation to the Climate Change Committee. 26th July 2019 Exam84
HS9/AP1 – NAEG to submit statements read out at Hearing Session 9. 8th October 2019 Exam130
HS9/AP2 – NPA to consider appropriateness of including indicator in the Plan to monitor the need for a principle residence policy for the National Park. 8th October 2019 Exam134
HS9/AP3 – NPA to include a statement in the reasoned justification of Policy 49 outlining support for the delivery of affordable housing led schemes in the National Park. 8th October 2019 Exam132
HS9/AP4 –. NPA to review Indicator 22 and amend it to include a mechanism to monitoring the total number of housing completions annually against the forecast annual delivery rate contained in the housing trajectory. 8th October 2019 See Revised Exam133
HS9/AP5 – NPA to amend the plan monitoring framework to include the new indicators set out in its Hearing Statement for Session 9 (Appendix 1) 8th October 2019 Revised Exam133

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