Jobs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from people wanting to work for the National Park Authority.

Q. Where can I find out about any jobs available?

A. You’ll find out about our vacancies on our website, social media pages and with Job Centre Plus, along with any specialised media. You can register for ‘jobs alert’ on our current vacancies page.

Q. How do I know whether it’s worth me applying?

A. The job description will explain what the person getting the job will be expected to do.
The person specification tells you about the skills, knowledge and experience needed to be able to do the job. Some will be essential and some desirable.
In your application, you’ll need to set out how you match at least the essential criteria in order to be considered. Our jobs often attract a lot of interest and we will often have applications from people who are able to match to desirable criteria as well.
It is very important that you demonstrate how your past experience has prepared you for the essential, and if possible, the desirable criteria.

Q. Can I send you my CV?

A. Please don’t send us ‘speculative’ applications or CVs as we are not able to retain these details on file. We will only consider applications sent to us for specific vacancies.

Q. What if I have a disability with specific requirements?

A.  Our online system and information is designed to be accessible, however, please contact us on 01646 624800 if we can help with alternative arrangements.

Q. How do I apply?

A. When there is a current vacancy listed that interests you, you may apply online.

Q. Can I use the same application for another job?

A. Each job is different with a different set of questions, so please apply specifically for each vacancy; the online application is designed to be reasonably quick and straight-forward.

Q. How will I know what is happening with my application?

A. Your application will be acknowledged immediately, and there will be follow-up emails on progress after the closing date, normally within two to three weeks.

Q. What do you do with the personal information requested? (Equality Monitoring)

A.  In its Strategic Equality Plan 2016-20, the Authority has committed to removing barriers that can be identified for people accessing its services (including employment) and to promoting equality and diversity in its workforce.
We would welcome your co-operation in completing all equality monitoring questions during the online application process. This information helps us monitor access to employment, to identify barriers and ultimately to recruit talented and diverse people. The more applicants who provide data, the better our analysis will be.
The information you provide is stored anonymously, securely and confidentially. It is used for statistical and analysis purposes only and is not used during the selection process.

Q. I’ve missed the closing date – can I still apply?

A. Unfortunately, you will not be able to apply after the closing date.

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​If you have any other questions please email us; we may add them to this page.