Local Development Plan Candidate Site Register

Local Development Plan 2

Land allocations are set out in the Deposit Plan where details of consultation arrangements are also provided.

In anticipation of preparing that Plan the Authority has invited anyone with an interest in land to submit sites for consideration for inclusion in the local development plan.  The Authority has also included some sites for consideration as results of studies undertaken on behalf of the Authority.

An assessment of which sites accord or do not accord with the draft Preferred Strategy  was undertaken By the National Park Authority and consulted upon as part of the draft Preferred Strategy consultation.

The consultation on the Candidate Sites Methodology Background Paper represented the first stage of the Candidate Sites process, which gave key stakeholders the opportunity to get involved and help shape the process.

All of the candidate sites submitted have been included on a Register (see table below) which enables anyone to view the sites that have been submitted for consideration.

The Register below groups sites by Community Council area and includes the current assessment (Deposit Plan stage) and conclusions reached for each site by the Authority and a map of each site.

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