Tree and Hedge Management

Trees, hedges and planning

Trees are an integral feature of the landscape of the National Park and require particular attention when considering a planning application, as well as general tree and hedge management.

An application for a development with a design that integrates existing trees and hedges will be viewed more favourably than one that does not consider existing trees and hedges at all.

If there are mature trees on your land and you are looking to submit a planning application to the National Park Authority or carry out management activities, the following is a list of key documents with information and guidance that may assist you in considering trees and hedges on your land.


Tree Preservation Order (TPO) application for tree work

Conservation Areas Notification for tree work

Trees and development

Landscaping and development

Native trees, hedges, shrubs, wild flowers and grasses

Tree Contractors

Orchard information

Tree Wardens Pembrokeshire


Hedgerow removal notice

The Pembrokeshire Hedgebank

Trees - Advice and Downloads

Hedges - Advice and downloads

Green Infrastructure Statement - Form and Guidance