Seasonal Wildlife

Pembrokeshire enjoys a real variety of spectacular native wildlife. As well as attracting tourists from all corners of the globe, Pembrokeshire also succeeds in attracting a real A-list of celebrity wildlife to our coastline, including whales and sharks!

Many species of wildlife travel to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from far-flung places like the Caribbean, and even the Antarctic, each year for very particular reasons.

These seasonal creatures are drawn here by their survival instinct rather than for purely recreational or social reasons (like us humans); for just a few weeks or months every year Pembrokeshire offers certain species just what they need in terms of food and shelter.

An ocean sunfish,

From Far and Wide, By sea and by air

Many of these creatures travel incredible distances through the sea to reach our shoreline; they include seals, basking sharks, turtles, whales, dolphins and fish like sunfish, jellyfish and tope (a member of the shark family).

Species of birds, such as the swallow and swift however are masters of the air and often travel thousands of miles to get to the Pembrokeshire Coast.

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