Youth Committee

The National Park Youth Committee is a group of likeminded and passionate young people aged 14-25 from across Pembrokeshire who want to make a difference to their environment, their communities, to amplify youth voices and spread the word.

The committee was founded in the Spring of 2020, with the aim to make positive change, whether that be working with local councils or undertaking projects to raise awareness on global issues.

We normally meet monthly on a Tuesday evening (more often and online over lockdown), often with interesting guests, where the committee discusses issues and plans projects in line with the group’s aims. The Youth Committee is youth-led and has young people as Chair and Vice-Chair.

“We have worked with young people from across Europe to create the Europarc Youth Manifesto as a guide for action to improve LIVING, Learning and WORKING in places like Pembrokeshire, and now picked our priorities- the things we are going to focus on most- , which can be applied both nationally and within our local communities”


Our current priorities are to:

  1. Create more opportunities for young people to learn about their local natural and cultural heritage
  2. Develop partnerships between schools and local businesses to offer jobs for young people
  3. Encourage active travel – cycling and walking to aid health and well-being and offset climate change
  4. Improve community’s connections with Young People – we have been working to connect young people and Town / Community Councils
  5. Create a platform/programme of events to help young people share and connect
  6. Raise young people’s awareness of and contribute to climate change action
  7. Raise young people’s awareness of and contribute to biodiversity loss/nature recovery
  8. Help more young people get the health and well-being benefits of activity outdoors and volunteering.

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