Local Development Plan 2


Following the adoption of the Local Development Plan (LDP), the Authority has a statutory obligation to keep all matters under review that are expected to affect the development of its area.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) provides the legal framework for the development and use of land within the National Park.
The Plan comprises text and maps, and together with national planning policy will guide decisions on planning applications.


LDP Text

 Local Development Plan Proposals Map

Proposals Maps

The Interactive Proposals Map below  does not form part of adopted Local Development Plan.

Interactive Proposals Map

A Constraints Map is used to show delineations which are determined by other mechanisms. The Constraints Map does not form part of adopted Local Development Plan.

Constraints Map

An Adoption Statement has also been prepared.

Appendix C LDP Adoption Statement

Supplementary Planning Guidance can be viewed here supplementary-planning-guidance-ldp2 .

Annual Monitoring Reports can be viewed here Annual Monitoring Reports

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