Plant Pembrokeshire

A project for people, for wildlife, for our environment and most of all for our future.

What is it?

  • It’s a project for people, for wildlife, for our environment and most of all for our future
  • Plant Pembrokeshire will create a woodland by the people of Pembrokeshire, for the people of Pembrokeshire
  • A tree will be planted for every child born to a Pembrokeshire family.


  • We are living in a time of climate and nature emergency. Public organisations have a duty to minimise their impact on the environment, to improve the environment and to safeguard it for the future. As citizens we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations.


  • Pembrokeshire County Council have donated a block of land for tree planting, sourced trees, planned the woodland
  • Hywel Dda Health Board are working with new parents to encourage sustainable parenting choices and promote the benefits of time together in nature
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Tir Coed are working with volunteers and people from other organisations to plant the trees.

Group of people standing in a field next to newly planted trees

Plant Pembrokeshire will:


  • Improve water quality of the Cleddau catchment by soaking up run-off, reducing soil erosion and reducing flooding
  • Soak up carbon emissions and improve air quality
  • Enhance and protect archaeological monuments.


  • Increase biodiversity of former farmland by providing habitat and woodland cover for different species
  • Connect areas of woodland, creating wildlife corridors.


  • Provide opportunities for people to improve their physical health through walking, tree planting
  • Provide opportunities for people to improve their mental wellbeing through being in nature, volunteering, learning and sharing with others
  • Provide opportunities for parents to connect with their children, with nature and with broader sustainable parenting issues
  • Provide a sense of community, shared endeavour and positive action for the future.


  • An example of how public bodies, private companies and individuals can all work together for the benefit of people, wildlife and the wider environment
  • Create a space for our children and grandchildren to enjoy, alongside wildlife for many years to come.

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