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Welcome to this year's selection of Activities and Events hosted by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. We have a variety of exciting activities where you can explore the National Park and appreciate its wildlife, landscape, history and culture. Our programme tries to offer something for everyone so use the search facility to find something to suit you.

You can also view our events in Coast to Coast.

Ref EventLocationTimeDate 
4076 Food Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3024 May
3690 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0026 May
4295 Honey Bee Fun  Castell Henllys11:0026 May
3972 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3026 May
3832 Castlemartin by Minibus  Castlemartin Merrion Camp09:3027 May
3715 Medieval Merriment!   Carew Castle10:0027 May
3691 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0027 May
4488 The Great Raft Race  Castell Henllys11:3027 May
3868 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Broad Haven South09:3028 May
4077 Experimental painting and drawing  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0028 May
3692 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0028 May
3716 Medieval Merriment!   Carew Castle10:0028 May
3973 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3028 May
4078 Experimental painting and drawing  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0028 May
3869 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Freshwater West09:3029 May
3693 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0029 May
4303 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:3029 May
3833 Wac Cymraeg: Nanhyfer   Nevern13:0029 May
4079 Get Arty By the Sea  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0029 May
3677 Prepare for Battle!  Carew Castle14:3029 May
3835 Twilight at Stackpole  Stackpole Centre National Trust19:3029 May
3939 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Angle09:3030 May
3694 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0030 May
3726 Dig the Past: An Archaeological Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0030 May
4324 Pirates and Princes  Castell Henllys11:3030 May
3836 Twilight at Colby  Colby Woodland Gardens19:3030 May
4080 Brilliant Bats at the Bishop's Palace  Bishop's Palace, St. Davids20:0030 May
3837 Preseli Hill Walks  Bwlch Gwynt - Preseli Hills - Car Park09:3031 May
3940 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Pembroke09:3031 May
3695 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0031 May
4081 Food Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3031 May
3938 Roman Day  Castell Henllys11:3031 May
4129 Magical Sea Storytelling Sessions  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:0031 May
3678 Prepare for Battle!  Carew Castle14:3031 May
4131 Magical Sea Storytelling Sessions  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre15:0031 May
3721 Ghost Walk  Carew Castle20:0031 May
3941 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Llanstadwell09:3001 June
3696 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0001 June
4098 Gyotaku workshop  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre11:0001 June
3974 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3001 June
4099 Explore the Seashore  Caerfai Beach14:0001 June
3679 Prepare for Battle!  Carew Castle14:3001 June
3942 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Sandy Haven Beach09:3002 June
3697 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0002 June
4340 Fun Dog Show  Castell Henllys10:0002 June
3943 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫  Kete09:3003 June
3698 Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0003 June
3975 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3003 June
3944 Broad Haven to Broad Haven Walk 🚫   Martin's Haven09:3004 June
3882 Penally - released from the sea at last  Penally10:0004 June
4464 Year of the Sea Boat Trip  Mackerel Quay Milford Haven11:0005 June
3701 Pottage and Potions  Carew Castle14:3006 June
4132 Food Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3007 June
4341 Evening Talks and Cultural Events  Castell Henllys19:3008 June
3976 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3009 June
3890 Wildflower Walk  Broad Haven South14:0009 June
3977 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3010 June
3893 Walk: The Wartime History of the Cleddau and Ria  Neyland Marina10:0012 June
4133 Food Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3014 June
4134 St. Davids: A City Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0014 June
4242 Wildlife Gardening Workshop  Castell Henllys10:0015 June
3894 Leisurely Lighthouse Tour  Strumble Head18:0015 June
4241 Evening Talks and Cultural Events  Castell Henllys19:3015 June
4243 Wildlife Gardening Workshop  Castell Henllys10:0016 June
4244 Bow Making Workshop  Castell Henllys10:0016 June
3978 Iron Age Life  Castell Henllys11:3016 June
3713 Welsh Language Castle Tour   Carew Castle14:3016 June
3870 Castlemartin on Foot  Castlemartin Merrion Camp09:3017 June
4246 Bow Making Workshop  Castell Henllys10:0017 June
3709 Hidden History Tour  Carew Castle14:3020 June
4342 Evening Talks and Cultural Events  Castell Henllys19:3020 June
3848 Saundersfoot - from Coal to Sandcastles  Saundersfoot10:0022 June