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The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below.


Wildfuels (formerly Thatch it

Sustainable Development Funding will assist The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) to purchase a biomass boiler for the Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran and undertake work to improve machinery access to a variety of wetlands within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and beyond. Improved access is necessary to allow appropriate conservation management, which will ensure greater biodiversity across these sites and assist in meeting Local Biodiversity Action Plan commitments. This is a very holistic project as it will take reed from wetland reserves across the National Park and just outside, which need to be cut for conservation purposes and turn it into fuel to heat the Education and Wildlife Centre. The project is also a part of a wider project, “Thatch It!” which will take clean reed, from well managed sites, and provide thatching materials. It takes three years to get to the stage where a wetland is producing this quality reed. Wild Fuels will therefore also demonstrate that wetlands, traditionally seen as a nuisance and drained by landowners can have an economic as well as biodiversity value: in this case providing a valuable energy crop and building material. WTSWW also wish to deconstruct the argument that biofuels can only be grown on prime agricultural land, demonstrating that we can make wise use of marginal land. The public will be able to see how 'conservation-cuts' of reed benefit both the environment in general and the local wildlife.

Project Total Cost: £1,346,100.00

Grant Awarded: £56,000.00