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Events at Carew Castle and Tidal Mill

Activities and Events at Carew Castle

There is a packed programme of events and fun activities for all ages at Carew Castle throughout the year from Have-a-Go Archery, Fabulous Falconry and Ghost Tours to Open Air Theatre, Knight School and our Christmas Fayre! 

See below for details, dates and times for all events. For more information or to book places (where recommended) please call 01646 651782 or email

8196A Very Artistic Murder  Carew Castle19:3019 July
9429Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0020 July
9431Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0021 July
9442Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0021 July
9432Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0022 July
9443Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0022 July
9451A Robin Hood Adventure  Carew Castle11:0022 July
9433Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0023 July
9444Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0023 July
9452A Robin Hood Adventure  Carew Castle11:0023 July
9434Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0024 July
9445Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0024 July
9453A Robin Hood Adventure  Carew Castle11:0024 July
9435Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0025 July
9446Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0025 July
9454A Robin Hood Adventure  Carew Castle11:0025 July
9576Twilight Tour  Carew Castle19:4525 July
9436Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0026 July
9455A Robin Hood Adventure  Carew Castle11:0026 July
9437Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0027 July
9456Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3027 July
9457Summer Fayre   Carew Castle10:0028 July
9438Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0028 July
9447Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0028 July
9439Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0029 July
9448Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0029 July
9463Knight School   Carew Castle15:3029 July
6544Brilliant Bats at Carew  Carew Castle20:3029 July
9440Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0030 July
9449Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0030 July
9465Knight School   Carew Castle15:3030 July
8198Open air theatre: Romeo and Juliet  Carew Castle19:0030 July
9441Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0031 July
9450Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0031 July
9466Knight School   Carew Castle15:3031 July
9470Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0001 August
9503Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0001 August
9523Knight School   Carew Castle15:3001 August
9539Ghost Walk  Carew Castle19:3001 August
9471Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0002 August
9542Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3002 August
6694Brilliant Bats at Carew  Carew Castle20:3002 August
9472Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0003 August
9543Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3003 August
9567Pembrokeshire’s Strongest Man 2019  Carew Castle10:0004 August
9473Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0004 August
9504Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0004 August
9474Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0005 August
9505Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0005 August
9579Fabulous Falcons with West Wales Falconry  Carew Castle11:0005 August
9524Knight School   Carew Castle15:3005 August
9476Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0006 August
9506Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0006 August
9525Knight School   Carew Castle15:3006 August
9477Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0007 August
9507Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0007 August
9526Knight School   Carew Castle15:3007 August
9478Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0008 August
9508Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0008 August
9527Knight School   Carew Castle15:3008 August
9577Twilight Tour  Carew Castle19:3008 August
9479Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0009 August
9544Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3009 August
9481Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0010 August
9545Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3010 August
9569Doggy Day Out  Carew Castle10:0011 August
9482Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0011 August
9483Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0012 August
9509Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0012 August
9580Fabulous Falcons with West Wales Falconry  Carew Castle11:0012 August
9528Knight School   Carew Castle15:3012 August
8199Open air theatre: Blackadder 11  Carew Castle19:0012 August
9484Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0013 August
9510Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0013 August
9529Knight School   Carew Castle15:3013 August
8200Open air theatre: Blackadder 11  Carew Castle19:0013 August
9511Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle10:0014 August
9485Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0014 August
9530Knight School   Carew Castle15:3014 August
8201Open air theatre: Blackadder 11  Carew Castle19:0014 August
9486Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0015 August
9512Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0015 August
9531Knight School   Carew Castle15:3015 August
8202Open air theatre: Blackadder 11  Carew Castle19:0015 August
9487Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0016 August
9546Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3016 August
8203Open air theatre: Blackadder 11  Carew Castle19:0016 August
9488Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0017 August
9547Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3017 August
9489Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0018 August
9513Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0018 August
9532Knight School   Carew Castle15:3018 August
9490Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0019 August
9514Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0019 August
9581Fabulous Falcons with West Wales Falconry  Carew Castle11:0019 August
9533Knight School   Carew Castle15:3019 August
9491Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0020 August
9515Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0020 August
9534Knight School   Carew Castle15:3020 August
8197Open air theatre: Gangsta Granny  Carew Castle18:0020 August
9492Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0021 August
9516Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0021 August
9535Knight School   Carew Castle15:3021 August
9517Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle10:0022 August
9493Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0022 August
9568Bosworth Tour  Carew Castle10:3022 August
9541Knight School   Carew Castle15:3022 August
9540Ghost Walk  Carew Castle19:1522 August
9494Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0023 August
9548Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3023 August
9570Medieval Weekend  Carew Castle10:0024 August
9495Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle16:0024 August
9496Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0025 August
9571Medieval Weekend  Carew Castle10:0025 August
9518Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0025 August
9497Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0026 August
9572Medieval Weekend  Carew Castle10:0026 August
9519Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0026 August
9498Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0027 August
9520Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0027 August
9536Knight School   Carew Castle15:3027 August
9499Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0028 August
9521Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0028 August
9537Knight School   Carew Castle15:3028 August
9500Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0029 August
9522Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0029 August
9538Knight School   Carew Castle15:3029 August
9578Twilight Tour  Carew Castle19:0029 August
9501Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0030 August
9549Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3030 August
9502Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0031 August
9550Horrid Histories   Carew Castle15:3031 August
9573Magical Creatures Treasure Trail  Carew Castle10:0001 September
9574Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3001 September
9575Ghost Walk  Carew Castle18:3005 September