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The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below.


Slipper Limpet Hemocyanin Study

This project is a research study to investigate the extraction of hemocyanin from the slipper limpet and compare it against existing hemocyanins used in pharma products. Hemocyanin is a crucial protein adjuvant for vaccines and other cancer therapies. It is known that slipper limpets contain hemocyanin but not known whether it can be extracted in commercial quantities or whether it is possible to purify it in a similar way to other extracted hemocyanins or how it compares to other products, which is what this project will determine. The project will also develop a plan for slipper limpet extraction and handling for fishermen who catch the limpet as a by-catch. The slipper limpet is an invasive non- native species found to be having a detrimental impact on biodiversity in local waterways, fish hatcheries and shellfish beds. In the future commercial product development could bring significant environmental and economic benefits to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Project Total Cost: £129,976.00

Grant Awarded: £34,413.00