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The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below.


Bee Farm Building Coedcanlas

The Wild Honey Company successfully secured SDF funding to further develop a sustainable bee farm by constructing a sustainable agricultural building. This building is essential for the future success of the business and breeding queen bees adapted to local conditions and disease resistance. From this base all equipment will be made, maintained and stored. Full honey boxes will be returned from the surrounding countryside, the honey spun out of the combs in an extracting room and then stored in barrels prior to packing into jars. Breeder Queens, Queen rearing colonies and mating nuclei will be kept there and there will be a room dedicated to the labour intensive process of breeding disease resistant bees. Developing local disease resistant bees that can tolerate and maintain low levels of varoa mite is extremely valuable. The building will be wood and have a biomass boiler and solar panels to meet heating needs. It will showcase a viable sustainable business that using a natural resource benefits biodiversity, the environment and the community. The project will also raise awareness of the value of honey bees and all pollinating insects, which leads to an understanding of the food chain, biodiversity and our survival in an ever changing environment. In addition it will provide pollination, local honey, employment and preserve a traditional agricultural activity in an innovative and contemporary way.

Project Total Cost: £195,508.00

Grant Awarded: £97,754.00