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The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below.


Training Skills for the Management of Woodland and Wetland Habitats

Pembroke 21C is undertaking a project to train local people in traditional land and woodland management skills, whilst also benefiting the local environment by creating and enhancing important habitats and increasing biodiversity. The project also provides opportunities for volunteering and employment and will raise revenue for the benefit of the community. Training and management activities are taking place on two sites close to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park boundary at Hentland Farm near Pwllcrochan and the National Trust's Kingsmill woodland close to Castlemartin. Four people will be trained as trainers in land and woodland management and Pembroke 21C will work with local organisations in and around the National Park to identify and recruit local candidates for training. They will also work to achieve OCN accreditation with the aim of employing a small number of the qualified trainees to work as part of a team to improve and manage woodland and wetland projects across South Pembroke. A contribution from the SDF is sought towards the costs of the trainers, Health and Safety equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, tools and eqipment hire associated with both the training and work at the sites, minibuses to transport trainees to the sites and signing and translation costs. The intended project outcomes include: -New habitat created at Hentland through the planting of short rotation willow and hazel coppice to be used for environmental projects such as river bank stabilisation, as well as a buffer zone of broadleaf woodland - Improved woodland at Kingsmill by thinning the woodland, clearing and laying paths and bridges, which will be available for the local community to use and enjoy - Improvements in biodiversity contributing towards the Local Biodiversity Action Plans - Guided walks and talks on both projects for the general public to increase their understanding of the local environment - An accredited training progamme in wetland and woodland management skills for local people - Increased employment and volunteering opportunities in the National Park - A team of skilled people to carry out and manage similar projects in the National Park area of South Pembrokeshire - Increased revenue to sustain these and to develop other projects in the area - Greater access to and enjoyment of areas of the National Park previously inaccessible

Project Total Cost: £83,227.00

Grant Awarded: £9,977.00