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The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below.


Ty Unnos - Development of Building Components from Low Grade Timber

Coed Cymru seek SDF support towards the development of a homegrown cross laminated timber panel which will form part of the platform of components comprising the Ty Unnos housing system but will also be a product in its own right. Cross laminated timber involves taking short lengths of timber and laminating them together to form panels for construction. The project aims to bring to market low value homegrown timber in high value construction applications by helping to deliver affordable, sustainable housing and other buildings. The funding will be used to address the main research, development and testing requirements. This project is a progression from the successful outcome of work to date, including that previously supported by SDF to achieve technical certification for box and ladder beams components of the housing system and demonstrating the new, innovative approach to building low cost, high performance eco housing with Welsh materials. Coed Cymru have identified a potential system of manufacture which could increase the viability of the product for businesses in Wales, and businesses in Pembrokeshire already engaged through previous developmental and demonstration work linked to the Ty Unnos system are ideally placed to take this forward. Immediate aims will be to replace Oriented Strand Board (OSB) completely in the Ty Unnos system but also to bring to market cross laminated timber as a product in its own right with wide application. Increasing the use of homegrown timber in construction will lead to more localised processing and conversion. Working with the Pembrokeshire Timber Store, whose remit is to bring timber from local woodlands into the supply chain involving private sector contractors and businesses, will ensure that the benefits of the project extend back into local woodlands through an already established channel.

Project Total Cost: £120,000.00

Grant Awarded: £60,000.00