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Examination Documents

Documents and correspondence prepared and submitted in relation to the Examination

Exam01     Letter from Inspector to the Authority 14 03 19
Exam02     Local Development Plan (Replacement) Preferred Strategy, Deposit Plan and Focussed Changes Consultation Report, March 2019
Exam03     Addendum containing Representations on the Focussed Changes and the Authority’s response 
Exam04     Addendum Appendix 1: Index of Representations on Focussed Changes in full (numerical order)
Exam05     Implications of Planning Policy Wales 10 for the Local Development Plan
Exam06     Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan 2 (Replacement) Deposit Local Development Plan including changes resulting from Focussed Changes + publication of PPW10
Exam07     Guidance Notes for Participants
Exam08     Email from Mr Martyn to Inspector
Exam09     Letter from Inspector to Mr Martyn
Exam10     Introduction letter to Representors dated 04/04/19
Exam11     Pre-Hearing Meeting Agenda 07/05/19
Exam12     Revised Draft Schedule of Matters, Issues and Questions
Exam13     Affordable Housing Submarket Areas
Exam14     Hearing Programme listing participants
Exam15     Minutes of the Pre Hearing Meeting 07/05/19
Exam16     Agenda Hearing Session 1 Revised Agenda
Exam17     Agenda Hearing Session 2
Exam18     Agenda Hearing Session 3
Exam19     Agenda Hearing Session 4
Exam20     Agenda Hearing Session 5
Exam21     Agenda Hearing Session 6
Exam22     Agenda Hearing Session 7
Exam23     Agenda Hearing Session 8
Exam24     NAEG Letter to Inspector June 2019
Exam25     Hearing Statement Session HS1 - 3778 NAEG
Exam26     Letter from Inspector to NAEG
Exam27     Hearing Statement HS1-1569 Welsh Government
Exam28     Hearing Statement HS6-1569 Welsh Government
Exam29     Hearing Statement HS7-1569 Welsh Government
Exam30     Letter from NAEG to Inspector 13 06 19
Exam31     Letter from PO to NAEG 17 06 19
Exam32     Hearing Statement HS2-3511 Tenby Civic Society
Exam33     Hearing Statement HS1 PCNPA
Exam34     Hearing Statement HS2 PCNPA
Exam35     Hearing Statement HS1-2897 Marloes St Brides CC
Exam36     Hearing Statement HS3 PCNPA
Exam37     Hearing Statement HS4-PCNPA
Exam38     Hearing Statement HS1-4217 Fry
Exam39     Hearing Statement HS5-PCNPA
Exam40     Hearing Statement HS5_1092 Bourne Leisure
Exam41     Hearing Statement HS6_7_8_4464 Meyrick
Exam42     Hearing Statement HS6_8_4465 Evans
Exam43     Hearing Statement HS8_4623 Robinson
Exam44     Hearing Statement HS6_4579 Sharp
Exam45     Hearing Statement HS6_2708 Pembrokeshire CC
Exam46     Hearing Statement HS6_PCNPA
Exam47     Hearing Statement HS8_PCNPA
Exam48     Hearing Statement HS6_8_3182 Gammon
Exam49     Hearing Statement HS1_3778 NAEG further submission
Exam50     Hearing Statement HS7_PCNPA
Exam51     Local Development Plan (Replacement) Preferred Strategy, Deposit Plan and Focussed Changes Consultation Report, March 2019 -updated for PPW10 25/06/19
Exam52     Local Development Plan (Replacement) Deposit Representations and the Authority's response - updated for PPW10 25/06/19
Exam53     Hearing Statement HS8-4661 Pattenden
Exam54     Hearing Statement HS6-4641 Wigley Jones
Exam55     Hearing Statement HS6-3468 CPRW
Exam56     Hearing Statement HS8_3569 Jones
Exam57     Correspondence between PCNPA and NRW regarding Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment
Exam58     Additional documents regarding Principal Residence Condition referred to by 3778 NAEG
Exam59     Letter from Minister for Housing and Local Government regarding Affordable Housing 080719
Exam60     Action Points Hearing Session 1
Exam61     Action Points Hearing Session 2
Exam62     Action Points Hearing Session 3
Exam63     Action Points Hearing Session 4
Exam64     Action Points Hearing Session 5
Exam65     Marloes and St Brides response to Action Point HS4_AP2
Exam66     PCNPA response to Action Point HS5/AP4
Exam67     Opening Statement by PCNPA
Exam68     Action Points Hearing Session 6
Exam69     Action Points Hearing Session 7
Exam70     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP11
Exam71     PCNPA response to Action Point HS2/AP2
Exam72     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP3
Exam73     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP4
Exam74     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP7
Exam75     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP9
Exam76     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP12
Exam77     PCNPA response to Action Point HS2/AP9
Exam78     PCNPA response to Action Point HS2/AP3
Exam79     PCNPA response to Action Point HS3/AP3
Exam80     PCNPA response to Action Point HS5/AP5
Exam81     PCNPA response to Action Point HS5/AP8
Exam82     PCNPA response to Action Point HS7/AP6
Exam83     PCNPA response to Action Point HS7/AP9
Exam84     Marloes and St Brides CC response to Action Point HS7/AP13
Exam85     PCNPA response to Action Point HS1/AP5
Exam86     PCNPA response to Action Point HS2/AP4