Reflections from Castlemartin 1939

Reflections from Castlemartin 1939 is a video that is the culmination of a project to recognise the 80th anniversary of the creation of the Castlemartin Range by capturing stories from the people that experienced this important chapter in the area’s past.

The military took over the area known as Castlemartin Range in 1939, prior to which it had been tenanted farmland on the extensive Cawdor Estate owned by Earl Cawdor of Aberdeenshire.

Interviews, photographs and articles have been combined to retell the history and preserve it for future generations in a series of videos to tell the story of those who lived and worked in the area around this time.

This project was funded by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s Conservation Stewardship Fund.

The Castlemartin Range today

The Park Authority and Ministry of Defence have worked together to improve public access and land management for conservation on the Range for more than 30 years; including guided walks which allow access to areas that are usually restricted.