Where to go, what to know

The rocky shores around the Pembrokeshire Coast are teeming with weird and wonderful creatures.

They live in both wet and dry conditions, and are clever enough to stick onto rocks and seaweed or hide away in crevices so they don’t get washed away by the waves and the tide.

Montage image including creatures found in a rockpool: mussel, prawn, periwinkle, dog whelk, limpet, beadlet anenome, shore crab, purple top shell, hermit crab

Where and When

There are great rockpools dotted all along the Pembrokeshire Coast. It’s best to go at low tide, and you will see more variety in the warmer months.

The coast and marine life around Pembrokeshire are protected. If we look after them we can enjoy them now and for years to come.


Map of Pembrokeshire showing rockpooling hotspots

Top Tips

If you turn over rocks put them back in the same position.

Leave all creatures where you found them – they are much happier in their own homes.

Rocks and seaweed can be very slippery – take care.

Check the tides – it is best to go rockpooling at low tide.

Be aware of the tide coming in quickly – make sure you don’t get cut off by the tide.

Funky Facts

  • Boys and girls...Barnacles are boys and girls at the same time and live with their heads stuck to the rock.
  • Ocean fresh...Seaweeds are used to help make toothpaste.
  • What goes in must come out...Sea anemones only have one opening, so their food goes in and their waste comes out the same hole
  • Fast food... Limpets move about to find food, then follow their trail back home.