Traditional Boundaries Grant Scheme 2023/2024

This is a grant scheme for the restoration of traditional boundaries in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. To apply for the scheme, you will need to fill out the Expression of Interest (EOI) form and submit it to us by Monday 13 November 2023. Applications will be evaluated and processed on a first come first served basis.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park has a wealth of traditional field boundary types, including Pembrokeshire hedgebanks (cloddiau), earth banks and drystone walls.  The type of boundary often reflects the local conditions, availability of materials and the age of the boundary itself. These boundaries make a significant contribution to the landscape and ecology of the National Park.


Under threat

The importance of traditional boundaries within the farming system has declined, along with the availability of farm labour required to maintain them.  Without periodic maintenance hedgerows become thin, gaps appear, and unfenced banks become eroded and tumbledown. This process is exacerbated by livestock movement. Without significant action there is a risk many of our boundaries could disappear forever.


The grant scheme

The scheme exists to provide opportunities for landowners to receive financial support with all aspects of the management and restoration of traditional field boundaries whilst improving Carbon storage in hedgerows.  The grant pot is limited and there will be yearly application window until 2024. We are operating on a first come first served basis for works planned for this coming winter so interested applicants are advised to get applications in as soon as possible.


How does it work?

Once the Expression of Interest (EOI) form has been received, Arwel Evans, Farm Conservation Officer from our Conservation land management team will contact you to arrange a site visit and discuss the proposed works and to measure the boundary in question. Works will be paid on a per metre/percentage basis once the works have been completed and invoice received.


What do we fund?

All aspects of traditional boundary restoration including repair of earth banks and stone-faced banks, restoration of drystone walls, hedge laying and coppicing, creation of new hedgerows and gapping up existing hedgerows. Domestic Boundaries will not be applicable (i.e Garden boundaries)

Applications will be limited to 300m per applicant. With a cap of 300m on fencing. If a  hedge needs to be double fenced this will mean  a limit of 150m on either side.

We prefer to fund the restoration of entire boundaries from node to node (i.e from field corner to field corner or field corner to gate) rather than partial restoration. However, we accept that in some cases (e.g . long lengths of drystone walls around commons) that a rolling programme of partial restoration may be the only option.

Creation of new hedgerow Up to 75% Restoration of earth bank Up to 70%
Restoration of existing hedgerow through coppicing or hedge-laying £5 per metre Restoration of stone-faced bank Up to 70%
Re-planting Existing Boundary / Gapping up existing hedgerow £4.50 per metre Restoration of drystone wall Up to 70%
Fencing £6 per metre Please not we only fund fencing in conjunction with other boundary restoration works and not as a standalone item.

Once the scope of work on the boundary has been agreed it will be up to the applicant to arrange a private contractor for completion of the work.  We can provide details of contractors as well as specifications and guidance to share with your contractor.   As an applicant you may also provide a quote to carry out the work yourself if desired, however we may ask for evidence of the necessary skills.

Once we have agreed on your quote for completion of the works, we will make you a formal offer of grant.  The applicant will commission the works and the grant will be paid on completion of the works / submission of an invoice and photo evidence/satisfactory site inspection by park staff.



In the event of over subscription to the scheme we may consider the following when prioritising applications:

  • Wildlife value
  • Proximity to or visibility from public rights of way
  • Contribution to the landscape
  • Historic value


Further assistance

If you require any assistance or further information, please contact us on 01646 624849 or email

Expression of interest form

Please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge and we will contact you to discuss in further detail. Alternatively, download a copy of the form and send it via email to

    What type of work are you interested in applying for help with? Please tick all that you think apply.

    Please not we only fund fencing in conjunction with other boundary restoration works and not as a standalone item.

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    Closing date

    Monday 13 November 2023

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