Don’t be a Wally, plan ahead

Posted On : 01/04/2021

While Wally the walrus may have packed pretty lightly for his Pembrokeshire holiday, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is advising people to plan ahead this Easter weekend before heading west.

The Authority is predicting one of the busiest Easter breaks on record as the sun is set to shine and travellers from across Wales make the most of the freedom to explore.

Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, said:

“There’s a warm welcome awaiting all of our visitors, but we’re asking everyone to plan ahead – whether they’re staying overnight or visiting for the day.

“We’re already experiencing issues with people camping illegally overnight in self-contained campervans and just because Wally the walrus set up camp without permission, doesn’t mean we can all do the same!

“We have a host of fantastic campsites across the county and we’d encourage everyone to use them.

“It’s been a dark and difficult time for much of Pembrokeshire’s tourism trade and by supporting local accommodation providers, including designated campsites, you’re not only helping our local businesses, but doing your bit to protect our iconic National Park.

Walrus off the Pembrokeshire Coast (c) Chris Taylor

Tegryn Jones added:

“We want everyone to enjoy the very best that the Park has to offer – from breathtaking beaches to 186 miles of award-winning Coast Path – but it’s important we all do our best to stay safe, tread lightly and leave no trace, by taking litter home, supporting local businesses and respecting the environment and our communities.”

As it’s predicted to be busy across Pembrokeshire, the Authority is advising people to be prepared for popular beauty spots and visitor hot spots to be crowded and try exploring undiscovered gems instead.

The Authority’s visitor newspaper, Coast to Coast is available digitally for people to plan ahead and make the most of the National Park, as well as now being distributed across the county. To view a copy or download the app, visit our Coast to Coast page.