Have your say on new National Park Car Parking Order

Posted On : 18/10/2023

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is proposing to update its Off-Street Parking Order which provides the legal basis for the management of its car parks.

As the Highway Authority, Pembrokeshire County Council will be carrying out the formal legal process required to implement the new order on behalf of the National Park Authority. The current order was last amended in 2018.

The changes proposed include changing the seasonal charging period, so it runs from 1 March until 31 October, instead of 15 March to 7 November.

Changes to pay and display charges (which also include payments made via PayByPhone) are proposed:

  • For stays of 1 hour, an increase from £1 to £1.50.
  • For stays of 2 hours, an increase from £2 to £3.
  • Replacement of the 3 hour stay with a 4 hour stay option, with a tariff of £4.50.
  • For daily tickets, an increase from £5 to £6.

It is also proposed to change the area covered by the Car Parking Order to include the area of Newport Sands owned by the National Park Authority, in addition to the car park so that enforcement action can be taken against anyone parking on this land.

Full details of the proposals are contained in the Draft Order, which together with plans indicating the particular car parks affected, a copy of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Order 2015 and a statement of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s reasons for proposing to make the Order, may be inspected at County Hall, Haverfordwest; Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Offices in Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock; during normal opening hours. The Order can also be viewed on www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk and also www.pembrokeshirecoast.wales.


All objections and any other representations relating to the proposed Order must be made in writing and should be sent to the address provided below by 9 November 2023.


Darren Thomas

Head of Infrastructure & Environment

County Hall



SA61 1TP