IT problems cause delays in National Park planning process

Posted On : 03/11/2020

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has advised that there may be delays in its planning application process as a result of technical database issues.

Director of Planning and Park Direction, Nicola Gandy, said: “The Authority has experienced an IT issue with its planning application database in recent weeks which has resulted in the Authority being unable to register planning applications.

“Unfortunately, this has resulted in a delay in the consideration and determination of planning applications, pre-application enquiries and enforcement investigations. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

“Officers are doing their best to address these problems, and it’s hoped that the service will be back in place shortly. However, in the meantime it may be necessary for the Authority to request an extension of time to determine applications, especially those involving contentious or complex issues that require additional consultation.”

The Authority and the planning application database provider have been working hard behind the scenes, and it’s hoped that these issue will be resolved as soon as possible.