Park Authority prepares for bumper Easter

Posted On : 26/03/2021

A warm welcome awaits visitors to the west says the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority but it’s urging everyone to plan ahead as it prepares for a bumper start to the season as the Stay Local restrictions are lifted.

2020 saw record numbers of visitors flocking to Pembrokeshire’s iconic coastline and it’s predicted that the coming season will be even busier.

Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority said:

“It’s only natural that people will want to head to the coast as restrictions lift after what has been a long, dark and difficult winter for everyone.

“We know how important the National Park has been over the past year in supporting people’s health and wellbeing and the vital role it will play in the coming months. But we’re asking everyone, whether it’s your first time taking a trip or you’re a regular visitor, to plan ahead and be prepared for popular tourist spots to get busy so try exploring some of the Park’s hidden gems instead.”

The Authority is working with partners to ensure that visitors enjoy the very best of Pembrokeshire safely and that local communities are supported throughout the coming months.

Sandy beach with protruding rocks backed by grassy cliffs

“By working together with partner agencies we’re equipped for managing potential challenges such as the issues we experienced last summer with fly-camping, local parking problems and anti-social activities,”

said Tegryn Jones.

“We don’t want to preach but we do want to protect this piece of Pembrokeshire’s paradise for everyone to enjoy so we’re asking all of our visitors to tread lightly and leave no trace.”

For those planning a visit to Pembrokeshire, it’s possible to plan ahead with the digital version of the Park Authority’s visitor newspaper, Coast to Coast, packed with features and information to help everyone make the most of their visit while supporting local communities and businesses. To view a copy visit the Coast to Coast page.