Your views on our new Well-being Objectives

Published : 12/01/2022

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) wants to make sure that the work we do is focused on responding to the major challenges facing people, the environment and the Park area.

These include the climate change and nature emergency, improving health and well-being and supporting sustainable communities in the Park.

The Authority is required to have Well-being Objectives under the Well-being of Future Generation’s (Wales) Act.

We have looked at our current Well-being Objectives and would like to change them and reduce the number of Objectives to help us focus our activities on meeting the above challenges. We have also identified a number of outcomes to help prioritise the work we carry out under these objectives.

Click the link to download the Easy Read version of our new Well-being Objectives consultation.


The four suggested new Well-being Objectives and the outcomes under them are:

  1. Well-being Objective: Conservation – To halt the decline and enhance biodiversity quality, extent and connectivity at scale, so nature is flourishing in the Park.
  • Reversing the loss of and enhancing biodiversity on land and in the marine environment.
  • Increase in land managed for conservation in the Park (achieved through influencing and working with others and managing our own estate.)
  • Increase in ecological connectivity.
  • A wide range of people are supported to participate in taking action for nature.


  1. Well-being Objective: Climate – To achieve a carbon neutral Authority by 2030 and support the Park to achieve carbon neutrality and adapt to the impact of Climate Change.
  • PCNPA to be a carbon neutral Authority by 2030.
  • PCNPA has supported the Park on its pathway to becoming carbon neutral as near as possible to 2040.
  • The National Park is made more resilient to the impacts of climate change by working with partners and supporting work led by the Public Services Board
  • Engagement activities with staff and wider public have led to behaviour change.


  1. Well-being Objective: Connection – To create a Park that is a Natural Health Service that supports people to be healthier, happier and more connected to the landscape, nature and heritage.
  • People are supported to lead a more physically active lifestyle by accessing the National Park, through promoting sustainable outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • People are supported to report that accessing the National Park has had a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.
  • PCNPA has helped address where possible the barriers that can impact on people from diverse backgrounds or facing socio economic disadvantage from connecting with nature and heritage opportunities in the Park.
  • Provide support to enable people of all ages to develop an understanding of the National Park.
  • Infrastructure is maintained, including the Public Rights of network and heritage assets to enable people to continue to gain access to and enjoy the National Park.
  • Historic assets in the National Park are protected and appreciated


  1. Well-being Objectives: Communities – To create vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities in the Park that are places people can live, work and enjoy
  • Visitors make a positive contribution to local communities and the Park’s Special Qualities.
  • Work more closely with National Park communities to better understand and support local priorities.
  • National Park communities are vibrant, sustainable and prosperous
  • Residents and visitors have effective and sustainable options (including using the rights of way network) to travel around the National Park.
  • The work of the Authority contributes to Pembrokeshire life supporting delivery of Welsh language, cultural, recreational and community activities.


We hope focusing on these objectives will mean the Authority can contribute to the delivery of the following wider Welsh and global commitments and targets:

For further background information on why these objectives have been chosen please see the National Park Authority Committee report on our Revised Well-being Objectives from 15/12/21.


How to respond

We welcome any comments or feedback on the proposed new objectives and outcomes. Responses to be received by 4 March 2022.

Please send any responses  by sending an email to (with Well-being Objectives in the subject title) or to Performance and Compliance Co-ordinator, National Park Office, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 6DY.


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