Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance Interim

Affordable Housing: As an interim measure the ‘old’ Local Development Plan 1 Supplementary Planning Guidance is updated.

In due course there will be a draft Local Development Plan 2 Supplementary Planning Guidance prepared with Pembrokeshire County Council for you to consider.

The changes to note are:

1. Planning Policy Wales’ references have been updated to Edition 10.
2. Local Housing Market Assessment – latest referenced.
3. Transfer of social rented housing to a Registered Social Landlord. There is a reduction in amount received to 42% of Acceptable Cost Guidelines prices. This is the basis on which the affordable housing policy of Local Development Plan 2 was agreed.
4. Reference to the new Local Development Plan policy on Affordable Housing Exceptions Sites included.
5. Allocations and Large Sites Policy 48 referred to – includes a changed list of sites.
6. New Policy 49 Affordable Housing and Table 9 affordable housing market area requirements referred to.
7. Affordable Housing contribution rate per square metre carried over from Supplementary Planning Guidance 1.
8. Affordable Housing Submarket Areas now shown on the Proposals Map.
9. Reduced emphasis on re-negotiation of viability as it is a new Plan – para 4.2.21 of Planning Policy Wales 10: ‘Where up-to-date development plan policies have set out the community benefits expected from development planning applications which comply with them should be assumed to be viable and it should not be necessary for viability issues to be considered further.’
10. Social Housing – update on ‘Who can occupy?’ to reflect the County Council’s current method of assessing need.
11. Appendix 3 – Economic Viability Assessment – updated to reflect current practice.