Sustainable Design & Development Supplementary Planning Guidance

Siting and Design of Farm buildings (Replacement) & Sustainable Design (Replacement): It is proposed that these two supplementary planning guidance documents are combined in to a single supplementary planning guidance document entitled ‘Sustainable Design & Development’.

The replacement supplementary planning guidance will provide further information on the way that the National Park Authority will implement Local Development Plan 2 Policy 29.

With improved national policy context the Supplementary Planning Guidance can be slimmed down – there is no requirement to duplicate what is set out in national policy.

The Supplementary Planning Guidance adds value to current national policy and sets the context for seeking appropriate sustainable development with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.
In brief the changes to note are:
 A slimmed down Supplementary Planning Guidance concentrating on National Park planning policy in this protected landscape.
 Making updated links with national planning policy and other relevant information.
 Expanding on national guidance on issues pertinent to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park – including flooding and lighting
 Inclusion of farm buildings and farming practices.

Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance for consultation.

Draft SPG Sus Des and Dev