St Brides to Tower Point

Wheelchair Walk

DISTANCE: 1.1 miles (1.8km).
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Puffin Shuttle (NOT wheelchair accessible).
CHARACTER: Steep sections, rough in places and coastal views.

After a short rolled stone path to picnic site there is a steep slope down at 1 in 10 for 20m, then 1 in 8 for 20m, no landings.

Another 200m of surfaced path through a field to a gate that leads to the cliff path with a 1 in 10 slope for 40m.

From then on the path is rough and unimproved, muddy when wet, with a steady rising gradient around 1 in 20.

One seat near the start, another seat at halfway. Two gates that may need assistance for those in long wheelchairs. Toilets at Dale and Little Haven.

Easy Access 1.8 km.

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Grid ref: SM802108


  • Take great care when on the Coast Path
  • Stay on the path and away from cliff edges
  • Wear boots and warm, waterproof clothing
  • Take extra care in windy and/or wet conditions
  • Always supervise children and dogs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them