Gors Fawr

Gors Fawr is the only surviving intact stone circle in Wales. There are 16 stones, which range in height from 0.3 to 1.1m. Eight of them are spotted dolerite. About 120m away is a pair of standing stones, which suggests that there might once have been an avenue. Other theories are that these two stones pointed to the rising of the sun and moon over the Preseli ridge on key dates in the calendar, such as the midwinter and summer solstices.

Gors Fawr landscape


As part of CUPHAT, DAT surveyed the site using a drone and created a 3D model of the stone circle

Visits by local schools

During our recent interpretation project, local schools visited Gors Fawr to explore this important archaeological site. Two of the schools even used their visits to deliver outdoor mathematics and navigation sessions. Here is some of the artwork created by the children in response to the site. [insert slideshow gallery of artworks by Maenclochog and Bro Preseli]


Protecting our heritage

Gors Fawr is a scheduled monument. This means it is protected by law, making it illegal to disturb or alter the site. The wider landscape is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest. You can help care for this important archaeological site. If you notice any disturbance or damage on your visit, please report it Dyfed-Powys Police. For further information about Heritage Crime, visit Heritage Watch.