Public participation at Development Management Committee meetings

Published On : 17/09/2021

Your right to speak at Development Management Committee meetings.

For more information telephone Development Management on 01646 624800.

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, this Authority has adopted a policy of allowing members of the public to address the Development Management Committee when planning applications are being determined.


The right to speak

  • The right to address the Committee is available at all meetings of the Development Management Committee and extends to:
  • The local County Council Member for the area;
  • A representative of the Community/Town/City Council in whose area the site is situated;
  • Any statutory consultee;
  • The applicant OR the applicant’s agent;
  • Supporter of the proposal;
  • Objector to the proposal

(In each of the above categories where one or more person wishes to speak one person will need to be nominated to speak on behalf of all; in the absence of agreement the first registered will be allowed to speak).

Please note the right to speak does not apply to Committee Site Visits



Anyone wishing to speak must notify Admin Support, Development Management at the address overleaf,  by e-mail or in writing, (a pro-forma is enclosed for your convenience) no later than 10am on the Friday morning preceding the Committee Meeting on the following Wednesday.

All requests to speak should identify clearly the application in question and specify the name of the person who wishes to speak.  A summary of the points to be raised should also be included.  This should be based on matters raised in original representations and be relevant planning issues.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Relevant national and local planning policies
  • Appearance and character of the development, layout and density
  • Traffic generation, highway safety and parking/servicing;
  • Overshadowing, overlooking, noise disturbance, odours or other loss of amenity.

Speakers should avoid referring to matters outside the remit of the Development Management Committee, such as;

  • Boundary disputes, covenants and other property rights
  • Personal remarks (e.g. motives, actions to date, conduct of the Authority)
  • Rights to views or devaluation of property.

You are welcome to address the Committee in Welsh or English.  The advance notice should specify which language you wish to use when addressing the Committee. The Authority encourages the use of Welsh language and are happy to facilitate any request to address the Committee in Welsh.

As there will be many items on the agenda, we cannot advise you at what time the application in which you are interested will be heard.  In cases where the meeting is not a virtual one you should report to Reception 30 minutes before the start of the meeting for a briefing on the Agenda. For virtual meetings a test access meeting will be held the day before.



Determination of an application will not be postponed because an individual who has indicated a wish to speak is not ready to do so when the application is announced or is unable to attend the meeting.

In the case of a request to share the time allocated for public speaking this can be agreed at the Chair’s discretion.

In the case of dispute, the Chairman’s ruling is final.

Procedure at the Meeting

  1. An individual is permitted to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes at the first meeting an application is heard at and 3 minutes at any subsequent meetings, provided the subsequent presentation includes new information.
  2. Only those persons who have given advance notification will be entitled to speak. Late requests will not be accepted.
  3. Those invited to speak will be called on to do so by the Chairman when the relevant part of the agenda is reached.
  4. Those who speak are urged to speak as succinctly as possible, without repeating points that are already known to Committee Members and without over-running the time allotted to them by the Chairman. It is important to restrict discussion to planning issues.  It is in everyone’s interests to present views courteously and with proper respect for the opinions of others.
  5. The procedure at the Development Management Committee meeting will be as follows (subject to the Chairman’s discretion):
    • Chairman announces the application
    • Planning officer describes the application, the matters to be considered and provides a recommendation with visuals of site and plans as necessary


Representations will usually be heard in the following order:

  1. Local County Council Member
  2. Community/Town/City Council Representative
  3. Statutory consultees
  4. Supporter
  5. Objector
  6. Applicant or Agent
  7. Members through the Chairman may seek clarification on any points raised after each representation, as deemed necessary.
  8. Planning Officer makes final comments and recommendation
  9. Debate through the Chairman and decision made by the Committee (officers will respond to points as necessary)


Contacting the Authority

To notify the Authority that you wish to speak in respect of a planning application please contact Admin Support, Development Management, in writing at:

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 6DY

Or email


NOTE: Speakers should bear in mind that in making their presentations to Committee they have no special protection from the laws governing slander, libel or defamation.

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