Mobility Equipment Safety Guide

***Make sure the chair is suitable before use.***

Moving in and out of Wheelchairs

Ensure the wheelchair user can transfer into and out of the chair safely without a stand-aid or hoist.

When moving into and out of the chair:

  • ALWAYS engage the wheel locks (for beach wheelchairs) or brakes (for other wheelchairs) or the chair will move
  • Point the small front wheels (where relevant) forward or the chair may move as you get in/out
  • DO NOT step on the foot rest as this could cause the chair to tip
  • Raise arm rests of beach wheelchairs and get in and out of the chair from the sides only
  • The arm rests are not capable of bearing weight and should not be used to help with the move into or out of the chair.

Beach Wheelchair Wheel Locks

  • Engage the locks on both large wheel tyres before entering or leaving the chair
  • Wheel locks should be engaged whenever the wheelchair stops and the helper is not present
  • The wheel locks are not brakes
  • The wheel locks should not be used to slow or stop the chair while it is moving.


Ramps, Slopes and the Sea

Do not take the wheelchairs into the sea. Beach wheelchair tyres are very buoyant and if the wheelchair begins to float it will become unstable and may roll over.

Ensure handles are not hot, wet or slippery before negotiating a slope or ramp.

Know your limitations in terms of strength and endurance before attempting to go down or up a ramp, slope or slipway, or negotiating a difficult terrain.

  • Is the ramp too steep?
  • Is the ramp too long for your endurance?
  • Is the ramp slippery? (fine dry sand or wet sand can be a slip hazard)
  • Are there any obstacles? (rubbish bins, steps, people, etc.)

The beach wheelchair is designed for use on the beach. Its use on the pavement should be restricted to travel to and from the beach to save tyre wear. All-terrain wheelchairs should only be used in locations specified.


Site and Condition

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the layout and condition of the place you are visiting
  • Check the weather forecast and tide times, where appropriate, before your visit
  • When in the wheelchair, use a sunscreen or umbrella to avoid sunburn and dress appropriately for winter weather
  • Wheelchair frames can become hot when left outdoors during hot weather.